Why You Need To Embrace IT Staff Augmentation Model

In the competitive business world, companies across the globe have been following the staff augmentation model for a long time. In fact, the worldwide outsourcing market in 2019 amounted to a whopping 92.5 billion USD. This model essentially enables organizations in obtaining the necessary services of professionals who’ve got the talent, are versatile, and help in keeping project(s) on track. In simple words, staff augmentation stands for an outsourcing model that acts as a bridge between the availability of short- or long-term positions in companies and the available talent pool.

In the ever-changing IT industry, companies, both startups and established ones, have been long facing the scarcity of affordable tech talent to manage specific tasks. IT is such an industry that requires lots of skilled hands but not necessarily asin-house specialists. The fact is, hiring in-house experts is a challenging, time-consuming, and resource-intensive task, and freelancers may not always prove to be a reliable option. The IT staff augmentation model, on the other hand, not only helps businesses to overcome these issues but provides a multitude of other crucial benefits as well.

If you’ve heard of the IT staff augmentation model but are still following the traditional staffing methods, read on to learn the benefits you’ll be able to enjoy by implementing this model.

7 Key Benefits IT Staff Augmentation Strategy Brings Your Way

These are the benefits offered by the model that are simply unachievable for any other staffing method.

1. Gives access to a wider talent pool

In the IT industry, the nature of required expertise and skills keeps on changing rapidly from one project to another. As a result, it isn’t an uncommon situation where an in-house team working on a particular project is lacking some of the required skills or knowledge. By adopting the staff augmentation model, you can access a robust pool of highly skilled professionals who’ll fill the gap. Since these recruits are generally domain-centric, you can be assured of being able to add the right skills to your projects. Another notable benefit of using an IT staff augmentation model is that you’ll be able to hire some top talents. You may not be able to hire these talents for permanent roles due to financial constraints but you can surely use their expertise for specific projects through staff augmentation.

2. Offers maximum flexibility

Traditional staffing methods, at times, come with a major drawback due to their lackof flexibility. Once you’ve hired a full-time IT employee, you’ll experience issues if there are significant changes in the niche in which the person specializes and functions. With the help of the staff augmentation model, you’ll be able to cope up with the shifts occurring in the industry. You can easily scale up or down your team’s size based on the actual requirements without increasing the overhead. Withconstant advancements in the field, it has become inevitable for IT companies to stay updated on the latest trends. And the staff augmentation model is designed to facilitate flexibility and scalability along with supporting the growth of the organization.

3. Minimizes recruitment hassle

IT recruitment is a complicated and tedious process that may take up to months, particularly if you are trying to hire candidates with uncommon and superior abilities. Additionally, some unpredictable aspects are associated with traditional staffing methods. For example, how can you be sure that the candidate actually hasall the skills mentioned in his/her resume? Or what if the new employee switches company when the project he/she was working on is at a crucial stage? Of course, these aspects can be taken care of but it’ll be time-consuming and may not be possible to accomplish for a startup or small-scale business. Also, if you’ve got a tight deadline to deliver a project, it becomes almost impossible to recruit a specialist through traditional IT staffing methods. In these situations, staff augmentation acts as a lifesaver. Usually, IT augmentation specialists maintain an extensive and refreshed database of tech specialists from where you can quickly take your pick depending on your exact requirements.

4. Offers cost-efficiency

Cost-effectiveness is one of the obvious reasons for using IT staff augmentation services. You get access to top-tier professionals without going into any long-term commitment. Moreover, hiring in-house employees typically results in increased costs in terms of social security, employee benefits, taxes, etc. Hiring talents for specific projects means you only need to pay during the requisite period which drastically reduces your overall costs. This is because when you use a staff augmentation service, all responsibilities associated with the hired employees remain with the agency. Additionally, when using staff augmentation services, you’llbe able to choose from across the globe. If you hire professionals from Asian countries instead of Western European countries or the U.S., you’d need to pay lower salaries because the cost of living in Asian countries is lower than that of the U.S. and Western European countries.

5. Improves operational efficiency

During lean periods, many IT organizations are forced to incur heavy operations costs with a minimum return on investments. The professionals enrolled with IT staffaugmentation services work either from the workspaces of the vendors or remotely.It means you don’t need to think about infrastructural costs associated with expanding your existing workspace to accommodate additional team members. Thesavings from the reduction in the operational costs can easily be considered as profits without compromising the level of service.

6. Offers efficient management

Efficient staff management is probably the biggest advantage of using staff augmentation services over project outsourcing. Of course, project outsourcing is anexcellent cost-effective method for business owners who don’t want to get into all the complexities. But it also comes with its fair share of risks that may cause heavy damage to your company’s reputation. By outsourcing a project, you might be caught up in situations where the outsourced manager informs you about a major issue that could have been avoided if the necessary steps were taken earlier. On the other hand, when working with professionals hired through a staff augmentationservice, you get to have a direct say in the management of operations. It essentiallygives you much more control in terms of being able to monitor team efforts and the development process. Therefore, you can take immediate actions if you observe anything that’s tending to derail the project.

7. Offers growth opportunities

In today’s age of cut-throat competition, many IT companies, especially startups and small-scale ones, often get discouraged to think about business expansion. Thisis because the chances of failure and risks associated with business expansion are pretty high and hence, aren’t viable options for many businesses. If you too belong to this league, staff augmentation services can act as a silver bullet. If you can foresee a huge project coming your way soon, all you need to do is partnering with a reputable IT staff augmentation service provider so that you can hire experts just before its commencement. This way, you can take up projects regardless of their complexity and size because you can recruit top talents within a couple of days, thanks to partnering up with a top-tier staff augmentation service provider.

Key Tips to Find the Right IT Staff Augmentation Service

Assuming you are now ready to partner with an IT staff augmentation service, here are the key things that you need to focus upon when choosing the right provider.


Today, IT staff augmentation is being globally accepted as one of the most effectiveand advantageous methods of staffing. By using the services of a top-tier provider, you’ll be able to enjoy all the above-mentioned benefits while maintaining positive company output and performance. Start by assessing your company’s IT needs, findthe right IT staff augmentation service provider using the tips shared above, and see the difference for yourself.