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At Revelo, our mission is to drive prosperity by connecting the world's best companies with the world's best tech talent, regardless of where they are.

Recognizing the challenge and taking action

In 2014, while the world was riding the next wave of technological innovation, graduate students Lachlan de Crespigny and Lucas Mendes observed two obstacles constraining the tech industry's potential for growth and advancement. The first issue was the demand for tech expertise in countries like the US was growing faster than their talent pool could accommodate. Secondly, geography was limiting opportunities for top tech talent.

Reflecting on their experiences in the US, where hiring remotely from global talent pools was not commonplace yet, and Brazil, and LatAm in general, a region of untapped, world-class talent with only local opportunities, Lachlan and Lucas set out to bridge the gap by founding Revelo in 2015.

Today, Revelo is a series B, hyper growth tech startup headquartered in Miami with over 250 remote employees distributed across United States and Latin America.

The solution for equalizing access and opportunity

Leverage strong local community ties to build the largest talent network for software engineers and developers in Brazil and later across Latin America.

Utilize technology to operate the platform at scale with low cost, increasing speed of hiring and ease of talent management.

Simplify and de-risk the process of sourcing, hiring, and managing remote international employees for US companies.

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