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Revelo, a technology company offering the largest online platform for US companies to hire Latin America-based remote software developers, was founded in 2015 by Lachlan de Crespigny and Lucas Mendes. Representing a talent pool of more than 300,000 technology professionals, Revelo’s platform enables US companies to source, hire and manage highly qualified, English-speaking, full-time remote tech talent in US time zones. With solutions for managing payroll, candidate benefits, taxes, and local compliance, Revelo provides an end-to-end, turnkey solution for sourcing, hiring and managing hard-to-find software developers quickly and easily. Revelo has helped hundreds of companies, from startups to Fortune 500s, build and scale their software and technology teams.

Revelo has raised a total of $33.7M in funding through series B from investors that include Valor Capital, FJ Labs, Social Capital and IFC

About Us

History of Revelo

Revelo traces its roots back to two of the most prolific universities in the world known for driving innovation and entrepreneurship - Stanford and Columbia. Back in 2014, Lucas Mendes and Lachlan de Crespigny met while studying at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and Columbia Business School respectively.

With the 2008 financial meltdown in the rear-view mirror, the US was seeing a tsunami of technological innovation from the rise of social networks to big data and the gig economy. The common denominator for all innovation, in addition to ideas, was highly skilled tech talent - developers, product managers, dev ops engineers, cyber security engineers, data scientists and data engineers, to name just a few.

It was inevitable that US companies would sooner or later start to look for the best talent available in the world, regardless of their location.

Even with demand high, there was still a question of access. Additionally, US companies also had a strong need for English-speaking developers in US time zones. With this in mind, Revelo set out to build a talent network in Latin America starting with Brazil, an emerging global hub for tech talent, and eventually became the largest platform for US companies to find, hire and manage remote software developers from across Latin America.

Meet the founders

Lachlan de Crespigny
Lachlan de Crespigny

Lachlan completed his MBA from Columbia University in New York City, and has previously worked at the Boston Consulting Group in Sydney, Australia and São Paulo, Brazil

Lucas Mendes
Lucas Mendes

Lucas earned his MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, and previously worked in M&A at Goldman Sachs and in consulting at Bain & Company. He also holds a masters degree in Computer Engineering from Ecole Polytechnique, France.

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