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#4 - Building a Mission - Oriented Startup

In this episode, Harley Blakeman, CEO and Founder of Honest Jobs, discusses the benefits of building a startup that answers your calling,  the value of hiring people who believe in your purpose, why you should weigh skills and potential against career pedigree when building a team, and the importance of second-chances.

#3 - Working Parenthood in Remote Teams

In this episode, Daisy Dowling, Executive Coach, Working Parenthood Expert, Author and CEO of Workparent, discusses how working parents can establish boundaries when working remotely, how to create a work-life balance that works, how to build a network that supports working parenthood, and how can tech leaders create an environment that welcomes working parents.

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#2 - Time Management for Remote Teams

In this episode, Elizabeth Grace Saunders, Time Management Coach, Author, and Remote Work Expert, discusses how you can avoid burnout by setting boundaries, why overworking decreases your productivity, how to define your work routine based on your chronotype, and how you can improve the time management of your remote team.

#1 - Building Remote Teams for Startups

In this episode, Taylor McLemore, Managing Director at Techstars Workforce Development Accelerator, discusses the most overlooked challenge of the hybrid work model, how you can attract and retain great developers, why you should look for tech talent outside of your geography, and how you can keep your remote tech team in synch and connected.

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