We create unique experiences so your remote team feels like in-house

Revelo don’t just make your HR life better, we increase your employee retention by creating the best remote experience possible.

Community engagement

Our state-of-the-art office - with perks and amenities - plus a community of peers to work alongside and community events keep your engineers engaged and reduce churn.

Benefits Package

We make your remote team feel and act the same as in-person employee. With benefits focused on professional development, mental and physical health, your engineers are always in the best shape to perform.

Premium HR Services

Stay focused on your business. Let our HR professionals handle the busy-work for you. We take care of payroll, contract, taxes and everything else.

Revelo allowed me to work in a Silicon Valley startup without actually being there. To be part of the Revelo Talent community, with all the events and mentoring sessions and to work alongside other developers who are also working in high growth companies, facing a lot of the same challenges, is an unique experience.

André Lima - Senior Ruby Engineer working at high growth health tech company

an unique community

We provide a work environment where people stay for the long term. Your remote employees become part of the Revelo Talent community, benefiting from premium office space, partnerships, exclusive services and events.

Complete package of benefits for your employees

To build a high-performing team takes more than a paycheck. With Revelo, you can delight and retain your remote employees with the world-class benefits they deserve.

Premium HR Services

Let our team of professionals handle your remote HR operations. We manage payroll, taxes and perks so you don’t have to worry about it, and we’re always available to help further if needed.


Payroll and benefits management


Mentorship and constant feedback loops for employees


Onboarding/Offboarding programs


Immigration assistance

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