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An end-to-end remote staffing solution driven by technology and delivered through a white-glove service, empowering you to drive business outcomes

It takes a new approach to get the most from the current remote hiring landscape. With over 1.3 million resumes parsed and scored, and over 300k developers vetted, Revelo’s recommendation engine suggests the most accurate candidates for a role, who are then expertly shortlisted by our local matching team. Because business doesn’t stop at hiring, we also assign dedicated teams to handle HR, payroll, benefits, taxes, and local compliance on your behalf.

Candidate sourcing

You provide the candidate requirements, and your dedicated Revelo teams strive to fill your roles with the best match from our talent network. You'll also gain free access to Revelo's talent platform, where you can receive candidate shortlists, request interviews, and create new positions – with only a few clicks.

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Screening and matching

Candidates undergo a 3-5 day process where they’re approached, screened, and interviewed to ensure they’re the right match for your specific needs. Then, you get to select from a hand-picked shortlist of “best fits” and flag your favorites to schedule an interview.

We’re confident in our pre-vetting process. However, we understand not all tech roles are made the same, and additional testing can be performed upon request. Dedicated technical assessments consist of a video Q&A and 1-on-1 interview with a Revelo technical expert, so you can rest assured your candidate has the skills you need to succeed.

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Hiring and Revelo’s onboarding

Once you pick the shortlisted candidate(s) you love, your dedicated Revelo teams will negotiate with them on your behalf, ensuring salaries and budgets are also aligned.

After your candidate signs the contract, your dedicated team will take them through Revelo’s onboarding, explaining our process, benefits, and communication channels. They'll also do routine follow-ups with developers to monitor their satisfaction, offer support, and ensure engagement and retention. After all, happy developers equal happy clients.

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What about payroll?

Your business doesn’t stop at hiring, and neither do we.

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Human Resources, payroll, and benefits

With Revelo, you avoid the cost of adding HR specializations to your team and the risk of potential blind spots. Our HR team oversees contracts and payroll, and we include labor liability coverage up to annual salaries. We also provide best-in-class benefits to developers, including payroll in any desired currency, subsidized health care, mental health assistance, access to co-working space, gym membership, and a guarantee of the most advantageous exchange rate.

Taxes and local compliance

Revelo’s HR team also oversees taxes and local compliance on your behalf, assuming all legal risks and costs associated with Latin American labor law. Since our fees include taxes, you also avoid incurred employment taxes. Less headaches for you, and fair pay for all.

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How fast is ASAP at Revelo?

Faster than most! We average a 14-day time to hire compared to a 41-day world average and 65+ days with traditional recruitment.


Simple, transparent fee structure

Clients generally hire for long-term, full-time requirements. However, we know things can change. That’s why we use a simple and transparent monthly fee structure for our service. You’ll always know your candidate’s salary. And when change happens? You have more flexibility and freedom to scale your business as needed.


Our promise to you:

If for any reason you're not satisfied with your hire within the first 14-days, you’re backed by Revelo’s no-cost guarantee. You pay nothing, and we’ll find you a new candidate at no additional cost.

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