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A nearshore, remote-first solution driven by technology and delivered through a white-glove recruitment and talent management service.

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Go beyond traditional staffing, internal recruitment, and marketplaces with Revelo


Every candidate on Revelo’s platform goes through rigorous vetting for technical skills, English-proficiency, and soft skills. Only the best candidates that excel in the vetting process are eligible for remote staffing.

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Through free access to the Revelo platform, provide us your candidate requirements. Your dedicated matching team will immediately start sourcing ideal candidates from over 300k pre-vetted tech professionals.

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Within 3-5 days, you’ll get a shortlist of best-fit candidates, hand-picked by Revelo’s local matching team. Start scheduling interviews right from the platform.

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Once you pick your ideal candidate, Revelo provides negotiation support, ensuring salaries and budgets are aligned. Contracts can be viewed and tracked right within the platform.

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We don’t stop at hiring. Our end-to-end solution includes support throughout the candidate’s engagement with you, so that you can focus on driving impact and leave the rest to us.

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You’ve already embraced the remote tech team paradigm. Now you have a solution that brings it to life.

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