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Before hiring an app engineer, you should not only evaluate their skills and academic achievements but also ensure that they have the same interest in your vision as you do.
Published on
August 26, 2022
Updated on
April 11, 2024

Did you know that the revenue from the global mobile app industry is estimated to increase to $613 billion by 2025? This is an increase of almost $295 billion from 2020.

Mobile applications have shown their importance time and again. A mobile app is an excellent way to encourage direct communication with your customers. It also helps build your brand image and simultaneously improves customer engagement.

If you've finally decided to build an app for your company, your next step should be to hire competent mobile app engineers to complete this task.

According to a report, there are almost 26.8 million software developers, so finding a mobile app engineer may seem easy. However, it’s not as simple as it looks.

What Is A Mobile App Engineer?

Before hiring an app engineer, you should not only evaluate their skills and academic achievements but also ensure that they have the same interest in your vision as you do. This is why you need to know what a mobile app engineer is.

A mobile app engineer develops, designs, and then implements various software programs for mobile devices and smartphones. Mobile app engineers often specialize in different types of operating systems, including iOS and Android.

What’s more, mobile app engineers utilize different types of data-driven insights and develop apps and programs that meet users' needs. They curate detailed plans and write codes before overseeing testing and being an essential part of an app’s launch.

A mobile app engineer achieves all this by collaborating with designers, engineers, analysts, stakeholders, and other team members. This collaboration helps them create a product that reflects the company’s vision and fulfills the consumer's requirements.

What Does a Dedicated App Engineer Do?

A dedicated app engineer uses their development skills and programming languages to design, test, and then develop various mobile applications. They work in particular operating environments and consider user experience and interface before creating a product.

Roles and Responsibilities

Here are some common roles and responsibilities of a competent mobile app engineer:

  • Schedule the elevation of code in different environments, including production, testing, and development.
  • Participate in weekly code reviews and team meetups.
  • Provide mentorship to new and junior developers and play various supporting roles within the team.
  • Conduct performance regulations regularly and then provide constructive feedback.
  • Manage the architecture and design of multiple modules in the app.
  • Assist with production problems.
  • Work with product and engineering teams.
  • Meet and collaborate with teams to identify any potential blockers.
  • Stay updated on personalization and growth tools.
  • Work toward creating high-quality groups and implementing top-notch technology practices.

Mobile Application Engineers' Qualifications and Skills to Look For

Here are the typical mobile app engineer qualification requirements:

  • Graduate or bachelor’s degree in computer science or mobile app engineering
  • Good experience with programs and software such as Java, UI design, React, and C
  • Experience with Android Studio
  • Fluency in debugging, unit testing, and interfacing

Not everyone with computer know-how can design and develop mobile applications. Competent mobile app engineers need to have specific skill sets that make them different from the rest. Here is a list of skills you should look for in potential candidates.

Strong Understanding of Mobile User Interfaces

The most crucial aspect of mobile app development is creating a high-quality user interface. An application’s interface is imperative to helping the user and the software interact.

A competent mobile app engineer should know that having satisfactory backend functionality isn’t enough. Instead, the designer should be skilled enough to develop an app with activity indicators, understand a unified color scheme, and have explicit knowledge of fast operations and loading of the given application.

Backend Computing

A mobile app engineer should also have experience in backend computing. This may involve the implementation of database management, security, memory, and hardware interaction. These skills are imperative to manage an app professionally during unforeseen circumstances.

Knowledge of Programming

All well-to-do mobile app engineers should know specific programming languages. This can include many things, like understanding of and experience with languages like Java and C#. They should also be well-trained in development languages like CSS and HTML5.

Language skills play a vital role in tackling situations that may arise from nowhere. Also, more languages mean that the engineer can deal with broader aspects of app development and can be a source of guidance for the rest of the team.

Business Capability

This skill is essential, especially if you want to hire an app engineer on a long-term basis. The app you create must be competitive enough to stay on the top. This is why your hired engineer should be capable enough to recognize your business’s resources and potential before developing an app.

An excellent mobile app developer should know how to make an app visible. They should also be aware of its marketing and business aspects to create a successful product.

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Every mobile app engineer that joins your team should have sharp communication skills. Again, discussing ideas and communicating different development aspects with team members and stakeholders is essential. Strong communication always helps produce a successful program that the whole company can relate to.

Strong interpersonal skills make communication a piece of cake. So if you want a hired mobile app engineer to lead a team, they must be interactive and great listeners. Plus, they should have strong leadership skills to bring everyone on the same page.

Strong communication also helps in collaborating with various teams. This is one of the biggest responsibilities of an app engineer, as it results in better performance and productivity.

This list isn’t exhaustive. Most companies look for engineers who also have strong presentation skills. In addition, certain businesses demand that these engineers have a good understanding of finances so they can create and manage an app that can meet the budget requirements.

Whether you're a part of a well-established tech company or a startup, you must first evaluate your company's culture and needs before hiring a professional. This is essential to avoid wasting time on individuals who might not add value to your business.

Learn More: Senior Developer vs. Lead Developer: Determine Your Team's Needs

How Much Do Mobile App Engineers Earn?

The salaries of mobile app engineers vary depending on their years of experience, the companies they have worked for, and their current locations. For instance, according to Glassdoor, a junior mobile app engineer with one year of experience makes around $109,093 per year.

Meanwhile, a person with four to six years of experience can earn around $112,691, and a senior app engineer with more than 15 years in this field has an average salary of $130,868 annually.

Location also plays a crucial role in the annual salaries of these professionals. For instance, companies based in San Francisco pay more than Chicago-based IT ventures.

So, the salary you plan to pay should be aligned with what similar companies in the area pay. This strategy is essential to find competitive resources that are readily available and willing to work for your enterprise.

Where to Look for the Best Mobile Engineer?

Finding a competent mobile app engineer should be your top priority if you want to build an app for your company. Many companies still follow traditional recruiting procedures, but you can always opt for an innovative method to accelerate the hiring process. Here are a few ways you can find your candidates.

Communities and Forums

Platforms and communities like Overflow, Stack, and Reddit can help you locate developers with knowledge of different programming languages. App developer forums like AndroidPIT and Dream.In.Code are also quite popular.

You can use these platforms to engage with and get to know various engineers. These forums have many active developers, so they're an excellent place to start your search.


LinkedIn is an excellent platform for finding candidates in your area and elsewhere. For example, if you want to hire a freelance mobile app engineer, this platform can connect you with many excellent candidates working from different parts of the world.

If you want to elevate your search, Linkedin Recruiter is also worth a try. It has a far larger candidate pool, and you can connect with them directly.

When looking for engineers online, check their LinkedIn profiles carefully before messaging them for their resumes. You can also request an online interview before asking them to join your company.

Job Boards

There are many job boards that are ideal for finding IT professionals. For instance, Dice is a tech board with an exceptional amount of candidate traffic every day. It's a hub for skilled professionals that's pretty easy to use.

Crunchboard is another popular place to find good IT candidates. It has a unique and sleek interface, making it convenient for everyone to use.


If you have a mobile app team in your company, you can ask the team members to recommend a candidate. Most companies prefer hiring professionals related to people working for them already. This way, they can find potential workers easily.

Talent Marketplaces

Another excellent way to find and hire mobile engineers is a well-designed talent marketplace. Whether you need an app developer for a small gig or for a full-time project, a platform like this can connect you with the perfect candidate as quickly as possible.  

Revelo is an excellent talent marketplace that carefully screens all candidates before connecting them with you. This way, you don’t come across uncompetitive professionals, saving you lots of money and time.

Hiring a Competent Mobile App Developer

Here are a few things you can do to connect with a competent mobile app engineer who values your company’s vision and mission with the same motive as you.

Take the Time to Create a Good Job Post

Many companies take job posting for granted. However, this is the first step toward finding a candidate that ticks all the right boxes. When writing a post, make sure to use simple yet professional language, and don’t forget to mention the skills you require.

Also, mention the years of experience you want your potential candidate to have. This is one of the best ways to explain whether you need a junior or senior engineer.

You should also provide a small introduction to your company and the project you want the engineer for. Mention the job type to clarify whether you need an in-house professional or a freelancer.

Some companies also mention the salaries that they can offer. If you have an idea, let the candidates know. But if you aren’t yet clear and are open to negotiations, wait until the right professional applies for the job.

Conduct Interviews

A hiring process is incomplete without an interview session. Therefore, conduct one or two sessions before welcoming a candidate to the board.

When conducting interviews, start with easy questions to make the candidate comfortable. Then slowly move on to technical ones to test their knowledge and skills. Here is a list of a few common questions that you can ask.

  • Can you name some mobile apps you have developed or worked on?
  • What was your worst experience when creating an app for a client?
  • Would you prefer a specific development platform for our company’s mobile app?
  • Do you have a particular development methodology?
  • Have you led a team of engineers while working on a mobile app? How was the experience, and how did you perform?
  • What value can you add to our company?

Conduct a Test

Before welcoming a mobile app engineer to your team, it is always wise to conduct a test. This could be related to coding or the languages that the developer should know. Make the test short yet comprehensive so that you can adequately analyze your potential engineer's knowledge.

Find and Hire the Best Mobile App Engineers With Revelo

If you want to connect with your customers constructively, get yourself a mobile app. However, you need to hire an app engineer who develops, designs, and manages your app like a professional.

Revelo is a great platform for looking for a candidate that might meet all your requirements. The marketplace connects you with top-class engineering talent located in Latin America.

All the candidates are pre-vetted on their skills and knowledge before you get to hire them. If you want your team to grow effortlessly, hire developers directly or get a free trial first.

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