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LinkedIn is one of the most efficient platforms to build connections. Keep reading to explore how to use LinkedIn Recruiter and how much it costs so you can evaluate if it really is worth it.‍
Published on
April 25, 2022
Updated on
April 11, 2024

Are you looking for the best professionals to join your team but unsure how and where to find them? Recruitment is a challenging process, especially if you can't compromise on the skills and experience of your potential candidates. Besides, it isn't easy to attract suitable candidates and simultaneously allow them to understand the norms and culture of your organization.

Fortunately, the social media platform LinkedIn is an excellent place to look for talent. With over 810 million members, LinkedIn is a dedicated platform for various businesses and professionals.

What's more, LinkedIn Recruiter is a successful medium that can help you find and connect with people you may want to welcome to your team. Whether you run a tech company or a restaurant, LinkedIn Recruiter offers many benefits to different employers. However, like all good things, it comes with a price.

Keep reading to explore how to use LinkedIn Recruiter and how much it costs so you can evaluate if it really is worth it.

How to Recruit on LinkedIn?

It's safe to say that LinkedIn is one of the most efficient platforms to build connections. It is not only a medium to share content and create professional relationships but also an excellent place to find the best talent from across the world.

How to search and find candidates using LinkedIn?

If you want to recruit tech talent or any other professional candidate from LinkedIn, you'll have to complete a few steps before you can attract potential candidates. Below, we explore each step in detail.

Create a profile

Before starting your search, you need to have a strong profile that clearly represents you and your organization. You simply have to follow a few prompts after making an account with LinkedIn to set up your new account. Make sure to enter all your personal and professional information, so if anyone wants to cross-check, they can find all the details directly on your LinkedIn profile.

Create a company page

Your company page is a virtual storefront for all your potential candidates. This page helps display all your relevant job postings and offers an excellent opportunity for professionals and customers to learn about your company.

Creating a company page is easy. Select "Work" on the drop-down menu right next to your avatar and choose the option "Create company page" to get started.

On the page, sell your company's story by highlighting its services and mission. Once your company profile is ready, you can start with publishing job postings.

Click the "Job" option

How to post a job on Linkedin
How to post a free job on LinkedIn

At the top of your homepage, click on the "Job" option and choose the "Post a job" option. LinkedIn will then direct you to another page where you can post the title and description of the job. Once that's done, LinkedIn will share the number of available members who have the same job title.

Now enter all the details of the job, including a description, education requirements, and skill set. LinkedIn gives every recruiter two options for how the candidates can apply for the job. Anyone who wants to apply can do so either through their profile or by clicking on an external link to submit their information.

posting a job on Linkedin

Choose a budget

Posting job ads on LinkedIn isn't free. Every recruiter should set a budget according to the number of people they believe will click on their job posting. So, make sure to share your estimated budget with the platform before proceeding.

Check out

Enter all your payment details before you check out. Then the platform will show your ad to many relevant users according to your budget to help you find a candidate that meets your requirements.

You can also use the following strategies to help you find the best professionals on the platform. You can opt for any of these after creating an attractive profile.

Join groups on LinkedIn

Suppose you're not looking for professionals from any platform other than LinkedIn. In that case, spend some time on the site. Join various industry-specific groups and forums on LinkedIn to connect with people who may meet your requirements.

Look for passive candidates

Find people who might currently be working in a role you plan to hire for. You never know if these professionals might be willing to try new opportunities to build their careers.

Learn from competitor companies

Evaluate your competitors' job postings. You can look for their keywords and then implement them in your posting.

Focus on your company page

Create a page that exhibits your brand effectively. For instance, you can add attractive graphics and consistent headings.

You can also post press releases and recruitment videos to grab attention. Employee testimonials on your page can help attract potential candidates as well.

If you follow all of these strategies, the chances of getting access to good talent increase manifold. In the next section, we share some templates that work well for recruiting candidates on LinkedIn.

Templates for reaching out to candidates on LinkedIn

Here are four templates that can help you reach out to candidates and start a conversation on this platform.

Call to action

Hello. My name is XYZ, and I work for ABC. I looked at your profile, and your design skills attracted me.

If you are open to more opportunities, I would like to invite you for a brief chat through a call next week. And if you have a tight schedule, please give me a date yourself.

I look forward to our conversation.



Mutual connection

Hi. I came across your profile through a mutual friend and am looking for the same skills you have for a position in my company. Are you available for a call to discuss more details? In case it isn't possible, I would like to stay in contact for any future opportunities.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Shared LinkedIn group

Hello. I am also a member of an EFG group that you actively use. I like your posts and want to learn more about your current work and if you are up for an opportunity.

Looking forward to your reply.




Hey. I liked your post on X. My whole team loved reading it too. I lead the talent acquisition department at ABC and am looking for a competent developer to lead our web development team.

Would you be interested in learning more?

I look forward to your reply.



Hiring post examples

Here are two examples of hiring posts. You can take inspiration from these and create a job posting for your company.

Example #1

Job Title: Software developer

Job Description: Company XYZ is looking for an astounding software developer for its operations.

About Company XYZ: We are a U.S.-based software house that aims to offer excellent web solutions for various companies around the globe. Founded in 2020, we have striven to achieve consistent performance and plan to be recognized globally among the top software organizations.

We are looking for a software developer for our team. If you are interested and meet the requirements below, don't delay and apply.

Qualification and Skill Requirements:

  • Programming languages
  • Database knowledge
  • Data structure and algorithms

Example #2

Job Title: Software Developer

Job Description: Find excellent solutions to various software problems and connect with customers to build strategic relationships.

About Us: We provide global software solutions for companies worldwide. From services like web development to building and designing computer programs, we offer our clients all the solutions they need to go digital.

About the Role: Here are the responsibilities of the role:

  • Work with the team to design flowcharts and algorithms
  • Produce efficient and clean code based on specifications
  • Troubleshoot existing software
  • Gather and analyze users' feedback

About You: The ideal candidate should have the following experience and skills.

  • Knowledge of all programming languages
  • Database knowledge
  • Experience with data structure and algorithms

If you qualify for this job, apply here. Again, we want to welcome you to our team.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter? How to use it?

LinkedIn is a purpose-built platform that connects different professionals. It's mobile-friendly, and the talent pool found here is unmatched. Above all, it features platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter that come with various advanced features for search that can help you properly define the professional you might be looking for.

Hiring people on Linkedin Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter intelligently explores, connects, and manages potential candidates. Here are some of the features of this platform.

Helps find people fast

The platform is designed to cut down hiring time by a significant margin. Additionally, it comes with some advanced filters that recommend candidates according to their interests and ability to connect with your job post.

Keeps talent engaged

The platform offers the feature of personal InMail that allows you to connect with potential candidates easily. You can also use the options of saved templates and bulk messaging to connect with candidates faster than ever.

Offers a mobile app for convenience

One of the best features of LinkedIn Recruiter is that it comes with a user-friendly mobile app. The application helps you connect with your customers at any time of the day and provides timely alerts for new potential employees.

To use Linkedin Recruiter, follow these four steps:

  • Use keyword searches and advanced filters to search for appropriate candidates on LinkedIn.
  • Then shortlist people who might respond to you. These can be candidates who might have shown interest in a new opportunity or have connected with your company profile on LinkedIn.
  • Use Recruiter's messaging tool and contact the candidates. For every team member, LinkedIn Recruiter provides the facility of 150 InMail messages.
  • Finally, manage your candidates through analytical and collaboration tools on the platform before making your final choice.

Here are a few tips to get the most benefits from this platform:

  • Make sure that you write clear and concise job descriptions to attract suitable candidates quickly.
  • Use the "Apply Starter" feature on LinkedIn Recruiter to allow all candidates to share their personal LinkedIn profiles with you before starting their application. This feature can efficiently double the talent pool.
  • You can also use the "Search Insights" option to analyze, visualize, and interpret information from different talent pools on LinkedIn. This feature makes hiring easier and, at the same time, helps you become a trusted advisor on the platform.

LinkedIn Recruiter vs. Recruiter Lite

LinkedIn Recruiter and Recruiter Lite are designed for different purposes. Here are the details of both.

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite is an entry-level LinkedIn tool that's best for individuals doing low-volume hiring. Such individuals usually work in small to medium companies and have limited hiring capacity or requirements.

You can purchase this tool online and pay for a yearly or monthly subscription. In addition, you can cancel your subscription anytime. Anyone signing up for LinkedIn Recruiter Lite for the first time qualifies for a 30-day free trial.

On the other hand, LinkedIn Recruiter is a fantastic recruiting solution best suited for medium to large companies working in various industries. It comes with helpful search filters and allows you to manage up to 150 InMails for every member each month.

Since Recruiter Lite is built for small companies, it is also far cheaper than LinkedIn Recruiter. Its affordability makes it a good choice for startups or small ventures.

LinkedIn Recruiter pricing and cost in 2022: How much is it?

LinkedIn Recruiter provides an opportunity for you to conduct an efficient and powerful recruitment process. And that is why it comes with a price. So, how much is LinkedIn Recruiter?

There are two plans available for every recruiter on LinkedIn. These are LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Recruiter Lite. LinkedIn Recruiter is further divided into two categories, Professional Services and Corporate.

Recruiter Lite is available for $140 per month or $1,440 per year. The plan is far more affordable than LinkedIn Recruiter.

On the other hand, LinkedIn doesn't share the price of LinkedIn Recruiter. That's because the platform follows account and market-based strategies, and you will have to consult the sales team to get the exact price.

However, we can always guess the LinkedIn Recruiter price in 2022 based on the latest validations. You should keep in mind that these costs vary according to company, geography, and industry.

A monthly LinkedIn Recruiter plan can cost around $825 per month. If you want to go for an annual subscription, the same plan could cost you $8,999.

After you pay for the service, LinkedIn Recruiter gives you access to various premium search filters with access to the profiles of members on the platform. You can also take advantage of InMail and job reports for evaluation and performance summaries of your searches.

So, considering the price, is LinkedIn Recruiter worth it?

Small businesses and startups may find the price a bit too high. However, if you're looking to employ mass messaging and want to access as many profiles on LinkedIn as you can, this plan may work out for you pretty well.

If you're looking for a limited number of candidates on the platform and are not into following a consistent messaging approach on the platform, getting Recruiter Lite instead of LinkedIn Recruiter may prove feasible for you. While the former lacks many features, it offers benefits that might be enough for your business.

Learn More: Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Everything You Should Know

Why you should consider working with Revelo, a talent marketplace

LinkedIn Recruiter offers great features — but you can't deny that it's an expensive platform and might also be a little advanced for some people. However, even if you're unable to use the platform, that doesn't mean you should stop your hunt for the best talent.

Thankfully, Revelo is an excellent talent marketplace that can help you find the best professionals with little effort. It works as a great alternative to LinkedIn Recruiter and connects you with top engineering talent.

There are many solid reasons to choose Revelo over other hiring platforms. For starters, the marketplace charges a low cost for its excellent and efficient services. And, unlike what LinkedIn Recruiter, you also get a risk-free 14-day trial with FAANG-caliber developers.

Additionally, this marketplace has a big pool of talent — so it helps you find the best candidates from a large group of brilliant talent without you putting in any extra effort. Revelo is also less hampered by bureaucracy than other platforms, so every person you hire is shortlisted according to their talent and experience only.

You simply have to share your requirements with Revelo, and it will find you suitable candidates within three days. Then you can interview them and seal the deal with ones that tick all the right boxes.

In addition to finding talent, Revelo also works as a complete talent solution. It allows you to find candidates outside the U.S. and simultaneously helps handle their payroll, compliance, and taxes on your behalf. That's a relief for companies that struggle to handle their day-to-day activities on their own.

If you consider recruiting and hiring talent a challenging aspect of running your business, know that Revelo is just a click away. Contact the marketplace and build your team in no time.

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