JavaScript interview questions and answers for 2022

Are you a JavaScript developer seeking a job in one of the top US MNCs? Or, are you a recruiter from a top US MNC looking for an excellent JavaScript developer? In either case, you have landed on the right page.

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JavaScript interview questions and answers for 2022

JavaScript is a popular programming language that is frequently used by the likes of Google and Facebook for their applications. So, if you are a senior JavaScript developer, you know that you have opportunities galore with this skill. However, to crack a JavaScript interview as a developer at a top US MNC, you need to brush up on JavaScript interview questions. We have collated advanced JavaScript interview questions to help you get on track.

It doesn’t matter if you are a candidate looking for a JavaScript job or a recruiter looking for a JavaScript developer, these JavaScript interview questions can help you.


interview questions and answers

1.Describe Arrow functions.

The ES6 Javascript version introduced Arrow functions. With the Arrow functions, we can declare functions using new and shorter syntax. These functions can only be used as function expressions. The declaration of these functions is done without using the function keyword. Moreover, if there is a single returning expression, then even the return keyword is not needed. Additionally, wherever the code occurs in a single line only, we can omit the curly {} braces. If there is only one argument in a function, then we can omit even the () parenthesis.

2. Why are Arrow functions used almost everywhere?

Arrow functions are used everywhere because:

Safety of scope: When the arrow function is used everywhere, it brings consistency of scope because the same thisObject is used everywhere. If by any chance, a standard function is used alongside the arrow function, there are chances of the scope getting mixed up.

Compactness: As compared to the standard function, the arrow function is compact as it does away with the need for keywords, curly braces, parenthesis, etc. in certain cases. It is, therefore, easier to read and write.

Clarity: When the arrow function is used everywhere, there is a certain consistency of scope. Thus, whenever a standard function is mixed with it, it stands out distinctly. The developer can therefore look for the next higher function to locate the thisObject.

3. When should generators be used in ES6?

Generators in ES6 can be used in two main scenarios:

When one wants to move out of a function, one can do so using generators and the outer code determines when to move back into the function

With the help of generators, one can control an asynchronous call outside the code.

Most importantly, though, the next value can come in only when it is needed; all values do not need to come back in at once

Wrapping up

Now that you have gone through some important JavaScript interview questions and answers, you have some idea of what to expect in the interview. However, your JavaScript interview is not made up of technical JavaScript interview questions. You will most likely be quizzed on your life and social skills. The recruiter will try to ensure that you are not just a brilliant JavaScript developer, who can ace JavaScript interview questions, but a compassionate team player who understands the pace and difficulties of the challenging work environment. You must ensure that you prepare for such questions in addition to the JavaScript interview questions.

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