Top 10 Node.js interview questions and answers in 2022

Do you want to be successfully placed as a Node.js developer in a top Silicon Valley company? Or, do you want to create a team of brilliant Node.js developers? If so, you are in luck. For either of these activities, you need some idea about the type of Node.js interview questions you can ask or be asked.

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Top 10 Node.js interview questions and answers in 2022

Node.js is an extremely popular server-side open-source cross-platform environment. If you are looking to move up the corporate ladder with your Node.js skills, it may be a good idea to prepare Node.js interview questions. This is because the Node.js advanced interview questions may not be easy to crack. We have carefully curated the following list of Node.js advanced interview questions to help you understand the types of questions you could be asked.

Whether you are a candidate preparing for the Node.js interview or a recruiter looking for Node.js developers, the following list of Node.js interview questions will be useful for you.


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1. Mention the benefits of using Node.js.

Below are the main benefits of using Node.js:The APIs in Node.js are asynchronous which means that they do not cause blockers. This happens due to the Node.js server not waiting for the return of data once an API has been called. It moves on to the next API. Instead, there is a notification mechanism that gets the response from the prior API call. Thus, we can also say that Node.js is event-driven.Node.js is powered by the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript Engine. This makes code execution in the Node.js library super fast.Node.js is based on a single-thread model with event looping. The event mechanism in the Node.js library makes it highly scalable because it prevents blockers on the server as compared to other servers that can only handle limited requests. In Node.js, the single thread program can service copious requests compared to something like Apache HTTP Server.Because of the event mechanism in Node.js, there is no buffering. Instead, the data output occurs in chunks.

2. Explain global installation of dependencies.

/npm directory stores the globally installed dependencies. While these dependencies can be used in the Command Line Interface or CLI function of all Node.js libraries, they cannot be directly imported in the Node application with the require() command. If you want to globally install a dependency, you can use the -g flag.

3. Explain how blocking is prevented in Node.js.

Because of the event mechanism in Node.js, a callback function is called every time an event starts. This prevents blocking in Node.js.

Wrapping up

The above set of Node.js interview questions will be the necessary primer for your Node.js interview. With the help of the above Node.js interview questions you can think of answers to similar questions or if you’re a recruiter, formulate new questions. However, the Node.js interview would not be composed of just the technical Node.js interview questions. The Node.js interview would have a broader scope wherein one would normally be quizzed about their social and life skills too. This can help the recruiter ascertain whether the candidate can survive tough situations and help the co-workers in those situations or not. As a recruiter, you must know how important it is to find someone who gels with the rest of the team.

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