Best Talent Acquisition Conferences in 2022

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Fit some time in your schedule to attend one or more of the top talent acquisition conferences. You and your company will benefit from the experiences and insight you gain there.
Published on
May 10, 2022
Updated on
April 11, 2024

Talent acquisition conferences offer so much more than just the opportunity to access a large talent pool with ease. They're also places to see the newest trends, learn about the capabilities of the newest technology (and hobnob with the people who created it), meet and greet influential people in your industry, and hopefully learn a thing or two — and maybe even have a great time.

Whether you're currently in search of talent or not, talent acquisition conferences are the place to be to find out just what types of talent are available. Fit some time in your schedule to attend one or more of the top talent acquisition conferences. You and your company will benefit from the experiences and insight you gain there.

The following is a list of the best talent acquisition conferences coming up.

Talent Acquisition Week

Talent Acquisition Week conference

When: July 25 to 29, 2022

Location: Virtual

Summary: Talent Acquisition Week brings strategies for talent sourcing, employer branding, and social sourcing together in one conference. On the docket this year are five days of learning about best practices, how to increase diversity and inclusion and how that can help your company, and a chance to network with both talent and talent acquisition teams. Also included are strategies for using the newest technology to find and recruit talent.

Although this is a virtual event, there are still plenty of opportunities to be involved with the conference. Attendees will be able to ask questions and chat with speakers during the live presentations, join virtual networking chat rooms, and interact one on one with other attendees.  

Best For: This conference offers such a wide variety of insights for sourcing, employer branding, and recruiting that anyone involved in any way with talent acquisition will benefit from attending. This includes recruiters, talent agencies, sourcers, social marketing and recruiting specialists, those responsible for employer branding, and many more.

HR Tech

When: September 13 to 16, 2022, and February 28 to March 3, 2023

Location: September Conference — Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas; March Conference — Virtual

Summary: HR Tech has so much to offer in its talent acquisition conference that it couldn’t squeeze it all into one event. It offers two conferences each year, one in person, the other virtual. These conferences focus on the role of technology in talent acquisition. The September event is the largest and longest-running conference of its kinds. This year, the conference is featuring Women in HR Technology, among other prominent speakers.

The virtual event in March offers insights about the digital tools and techniques used in talent acquisition and is free to attend. It provides attendees opportunities to interact with both speakers and other attendees.

Best For: Anyone who uses technology to recruit talent. This conference brings in many vendors so you can get advice about your current technology or learn about cutting-edge recruiting systems straight from the horse's mouth. This is a great opportunity for those who haven’t yet decided on exactly which of the new digital recruitment tools to upgrade to.

Talent Brand Summit

When: TBD

Location: TBD

Summary: Hosted by the Talent Brand Alliance, a community for recruitment marketing and employer branding professionals, the Talent Brand Summit is designed to showcase the next level of employer branding. Find insights and best practices for enhancing your talent brand from industry leaders and other recruitment marketers like yourself. The goal is to have every attendee leave the conference with real, actionable strategies to bring their brand into the future while forming meaningful relationships with others in their field that may last just as long.

Best For: Recruitment and brand marketing specialists stand to gain the most from this conference, but it's also a great place for anyone involved in finding or recruiting talent to network and learn from the best.

Rally Recruitment’s RallyFwd

When: May 11, 2022

Location: Virtual

Summary: The RallyFwd Virtual Conference focuses on breakthrough employer branding. With experienced candidates getting harder and harder to recruit, RallyFwd brings together industry leaders and innovative thinkers at this virtual conference. Their goal is to help attendees create powerful employer branding strategies using the techniques and technologies used by the best in the game.

Best For: This conference is good for anyone involved in recruitment marketing or employer branding.


When: May 18 to 22, 2022

Location: Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center

Summary: RecruitCon focuses on the technology involved in recruitment and introducing attendees to the newest and most effective digital tools to find and recruit talent. Industry leaders will be speaking on topics including:

  • The use of free people search engines to find viable candidates
  • Basic and essential parts of recruitment marketing
  • What works, and what doesn’t work, in job postings
  • Preparing recruiters for the job interview process
  • Technology-driven processes that will improve hiring and increase employee retention

Best For: This conference focuses on both recruitment and hiring processes, so it's helpful for recruiters as well as hiring managers and other HR personnel.

RecruitCon conference

SHRM Talent Conference & Expo

When: April 16 to 19, 2023

Location: Orlando, Florida, and virtual

Summary: Hosted by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Talent Conference & Expo aims to keep its attendees at the top of their recruitment and acquisition games. Discussions will revolve around the newest trends, technology, and best practices in the industry and how to use them to recruit and retain the best talent. SHRM invites you to meet, teach, and learn from other members of the talent management community.  

Best For: This conference is geared toward recruitment and talent management professionals, but anyone who wants to learn how to hold on to high-quality talent once they've acquired them will benefit.

SHRM Annual Conference & Expo

When: June 12 to 15, 2022

Location: New Orleans, LA, and virtual

Summary: The SHRM Annual Conference and Expo is a huge event for all employees involved in any aspect of HR. There are 11 different learning tracks, including culture, recruitment, talent acquisition and retention, and HR department of one. Each track offers multiple venues and styles of learning, including TED-style talks, deep-dive workshops, and smart stages. Those who choose to attend virtually will still be able to interact with presenters and other attendees.

Best For: Any HR professionals and any others who are involved with talent acquisition and retention.

TalentNet Live

When: TBD

Location: TBD

Summary: TalentNet Live brings together the best in recruitment marketing, recruiting, talent attraction, HR tech, and employer branding to create an environment where you can learn from and network with the leaders in their respective fields. The goal is for attendees to leave the conference with real and actionable techniques and methods that they can implement immediately to help them find and recruit the most talented candidates.

Among the speakers will be those who attended previous conferences to speak about how they used the insights they gained there. TalentNet believes these fresh perspectives encourage and revitalize current attendees.

Topics on the docket this year include:

  • Candidate experience
  • Recruiting automation
  • Economic trends
  • Best practices for attracting and hiring the best candidates

Best For: Anyone involved in talent marketing or employer branding as well as those who use HR tech to find, vet, and hire new employees.


When: TBD

Location: Virtual

Summary: Hosted by Talent Board, the CandEs Virtual Conference is three days of intensive learning and networking in the areas of targeted sourcing, recruitment marketing, and employer branding. There will be interactive panel discussions, presentations by industry leaders and innovators, and the opportunity to network with both presenters and other attendees.

Talent Board is a nonprofit research organization devoted to the improvement of recruiting and hiring processes as well as the candidate experience. There's no charge to attend this conference, but donations are appreciated and put to good use.

Best For: Anyone who is involved in or wants to know more about the methods and techniques involved in employer branding, recruitment marketing, targeted sourcing, and creating a positive candidate experience.

Indeed Interactive

When: TBD

Location: Virtual

Summary: Although there is a salesmanship aspect to Indeed Interactive — it is, after all, hosted by Indeed — it's still a valuable event for those involved in talent acquisition and recruitment. Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to and interact with speakers and take part in breakout sessions. Topics covered may include:

  • How to make the best use of Indeed’s products and solutions for recruitment
  • The latest technology tools, techniques, and trends
  • How to build better workplaces to benefit your employees and your bottom line
  • How to evolve with the rapidly changing workforce and workplace expectations

Best For: Anyone involved in finding, recruiting, and hiring qualified candidates.

LinkedIn Talent Connect

When: The week of October 24, 2022

Location: TBD

Summary: Not all of the details have been announced for this year's LinkedIn Talent Connect conference, but it will be several days packed with information about and networking opportunities in the areas like:

  • The use of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) in the recruitment process
  • Tips on improving a company’s culture
  • Creating employee advocacy programs
  • Building a company’s recruiting brand

Past LinkedIn Talent Connect speakers have included the likes of Michelle Obama, Cynthia Marshall from the Dallas Mavericks organization, and Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of VaynerMedia.

Best For: This conference will benefit HR teams, recruitment marketers, employer branding specialists, and those in middle management who are responsible for keeping the workforce motivated and on track.

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Recruiter Nation Live

When: TBD

Location: TBD

Summary: Presented by Jobvite, the Recruiter National Live event focuses on how to most effectively attract and recruit high-quality candidates. All of the details of this year's event have not been announced yet, but last year's conference featured learning opportunities about how to increase applicant volume without decreasing the quality of the applicants and how to go through the vetting and hiring processes more quickly. The speakers included experts in recruitment and the technology that makes it faster and easier.

Best For: This conference will benefit anyone involved in attracting, recruiting, and hiring new employees.

Digital Talent Acquisition Summit

When: TBD

Location: Virtual

Summary: The Digital Talent Acquisition Summit is designed to showcase the importance of making talent acquisition a completely digital process. Included will be reasons why this trend is so beneficial to HR teams and the companies they work for as well as techniques and best practices for making this technology work for you.

Some subjects covered include:

  • How to use robotic automation processes to streamline the search for talent
  • How AI can provide innovative talent acquisition solutions
  • The need for and methods of balancing the use of technology with the personalized human experience when recruiting and interacting with candidates

Best For: This conference will benefit HR teams, recruiters, and anyone else involved with the search for and hiring of qualified new hires.

Gem Talent Summit

When: TBD

Location: Virtual

Summary: The Talent Summit, hosted by Gem, is a one-day conference focused on looking at the hiring process from a new perspective and creating innovative, technology-based solutions to the hiring process. All of the details for this year’s event have not yet been announced. Last year, the conference brought together industry leaders from several top companies to discuss how they have changed their recruiting and hiring processes. They offered insight as to their methods and best practices that helped them to build high-performing teams.

The conference features two learning tracks. One is designed for leaders, operations managers, and executives. Their learning journey includes subjects like using data to form real-world plans and methods like hiring forecasting.

The other track is designed for recruiters, sourcers, and practitioners, people involved in the recruitment and hiring of new talent daily. They will discuss topics like streamlining tasks and methods to increase diversity in your workforce.

Best For: Because this conference offers two distinct learning tracks, it provides benefits for many aspects of your workforce. These include members of management, executives, HR teams, and leaders as well as those involved with recruiting marketing.

HR Transform

When: March 27-29, 2023

Where: MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Summary: The HR Transform conference focuses on the reality that the world can change in an instant and helps companies be ready to adapt and move forwards through these changes. To accomplish this, they bring together business and HR executives, entrepreneurs, and investors who are growing and thriving in the modern work environment.  

At the 2022 conference, there were over 65 sessions scheduled covering four distinct tracks of information:

  • Social Impact
  • Human First
  • The Digital Future  
  • Workplace Transformation

Best For: Executives and investors who will get the opportunity to network with people at their levels of employment to learn their tricks of the trade.

HCI Conference

When: TBD

Where: Virtual

Summary: The Human Capital Institute (HCI) offers an annual conference, now virtual, devoted to the importance of effective methodologies of recruitment marketing. They believe that the importance of this aspect of talent acquisition is all too often ignored and created this conference to get the word out about recruitment marketing. They want HR teams and recruitment specialists to understand that effective recruitment begins before the right candidate even knows they want the job.

The conference covers strategies and technologies used to enhance the recruitment process. Attendees will learn about:

  • Using data to drive the decision-making process
  • How to effectively communicate the recruitment goals and plans with all applicable areas of the business
  • How to identify the right talent audience
  • How to cater a recruitment message to that audience

Best For: Those involved with or interested in learning about how to create and implement an effective recruitment marketing campaign.

ERE Digital

When: Fall of 2022, exact date TBD

Location: Virtual

Summary: The ERE Digital Recruiting Conference is a practitioner-led event designed solely for those who work in talent acquisition. At this conference, you will not hear speeches about theoretical recruiting techniques and methods. You will hear from the people who are responsible for recruiting for their respective companies every day. They bring not only insight into their methodology but also the perspective of one who has used these methods in real-world applications.

ERE has been presenting this conference for more than 20 years to promote the sharing of best practices, case studies, and real, practical insights among recruiting professionals. Attendees of this conference will have the opportunity to network with the people who do the same job to learn not just what they do to be successful but also how they do it.

Best For: Anyone involved in recruitment, acquisition, and sourcing of talent.

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