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Faced with a growing number of unfilled software engineering jobs, tech startups are turning to these recruiting tools to help scale their engineering teams.
Published on
September 15, 2021
Updated on
April 11, 2024

Tired of spending too much time and energy on the recruitment process? We don’t blame you. It can be an expensive and tiring process. From constantly checking your email and LinkedIn profile to writing job descriptions and looking through a pile of resumes, you can spend weeks or even half a year before you decide to hire anyone.

Fortunately, there are many tech recruiting tools that you can use to scale your engineering teams and fill those empty engineering jobs. These tools will speed up the process of hiring, allowing you to spend more time interviewing and interacting with each candidate.

Read on to learn more about the best tech recruiting tools for tech startups. We’ve sorted these tools into seven categories, so feel free to click on the links below to jump to the tools you’re looking for.

Screening and Coding Assessment Tools for Tech Recruiters

Screening candidates and assessing their coding skills will help you get the best person for the job. These intuitive tools also include varied functions that can help to reduce the time spent on hiring. Check out these 10 screening and coding assessment tools for tech recruiters.


Codility Website screenshot for tech recruiting tools

Codility is a technical recruitment platform that allows startups to test candidates’ coding skills and make evidence-based hiring decisions. It offers powerful features such as:

  • Remote hiring
  • Hiring at scale
  • Building diverse teams
  • Hiring senior developers

Codility is also trusted by some of the world’s best companies, such as Microsoft, PayPal, Unity, American Depress, and Slack.


Criteria Website

‌‌Criteria is a scalable, robust, and flexible platform that fits seamlessly into your workflow. With it, you can interpret results, manage candidate pipelines, and administer assessments with just a few clicks of your mouse. Just include a simple testing link in your job posting or invite candidates to take assessments through email anytime, anywhere.

If you’re interested in trying it out, get the free trial.

HackerEarth Recruit

HackerEarth Recruit Website

HackerEarth Recruit helps you attract, screen, interview, test, and engage potential employees through advanced coding assessments and interviews. One of their stand-out features is that it allows you to conduct coding interviews on a real-time code editor. HackerEarth Recruit can also help you eliminate bias, improve hiring quality for difficult roles, scale your recruitment needs, and save time and money.


HackerRank Website

‌‌HackerRank will help you locate and hire the best talent around the world. With more than 2500 customers, HackerRank has helped many Fortune 500 companies hire developers. You can use the tool to identify skills beyond resumes, reduce hiring time, and create a consistent hiring rubric to scale your hiring.


eSkill Website

‌‌eSkill is a premier tech recruiting tool that allows you to select from over 800 standard subject-based or job-based tests to get the best people for the job. It also gives you access to a dedicated testing expert who will help you build unique skill and job assessments for your specific needs.


iMocha Website

‌‌iMocha, formerly known as Interview Mocha, is an AI-powered digital skills assessment platform. It makes remote tech hiring easier than ever by giving you access to a large skills library. This impressive library has, in their words, more than 200 “job-role tests” and over 2000 skill tests, including “Digital Skills, Enterprise Applications, Cloud, Infrastructure Management, Application Development, Aptitude,” and more. They also utilize AI to help you learn more about your candidates.


Plum Website

‌‌Plum is a psychology-oriented tool that quantifies and evaluates human potential at scale. The Plum Discovery Survey can measure problem-solving ability, personality, social intelligence, and more. This platform is focused on predicting a candidate’s success based on work ethic, personality, and other personal factors rather than on their resume. So, if you’re looking to hire for roles that demand specific personality traits, Plum is your choice.

The Predictive Index (PI)

The Predictive Index Website

‌‌The Predictive Index, or PI, is another platform powered by behavioral science. It mixes technology with psychometrics to help you:

  • Create cognitive and behavioral job targets for your roles
  • Understand candidates’ behavioral traits and cognitive ability to predict how they’ll do on the job
  • Analyze the employee experience and come up with solutions to improve it
  • Create a talent strategy that allows people to meet company goals


SkillSurvey Website

SkillSurvey is a data-driven service for hiring that includes reference checks, talent sourcing, and peer referencing. Built for high-performing startups, SkillSurvey will give you:

  • Feedback on candidates
  • Predictions of how well candidates will do if you hire them

Taleo by Oracle

Taleo by Oracle

‌‌Finally, we have Taleo. This popular recruitment software gives you a candidate-centric experience that simplifies candidates’ experiences so that you understand what you’re working with. It also features AI-powered tools to schedule interviews and the ability to connect with potential candidates using LinkedIn.

Job Description and Candidate Feedback Tools for Tech Recruiters

Job descriptions need to be well-written if you want to attract high-quality candidates. We know they can be tough to write, especially when you’re pressed on time — hence why we’re recommending these tech recruiting tools that can help you. Here are six tools that can improve your job descriptions and help you attract the talent you need.

Gender Decoder

Gender Decoder

GenderDecoder is a free tool that’ll help you see if your job description is subtly “gender-coded.” This tool will help you spot gendered language that you can remove or bolster in order to ensure your job post will attract the right candidates.


JobScore Website

‌‌JobScore assists startups with creating application forms for every position they want to fill. They have a questionnaire that helps you create job templates that different departments of your company can customize as they see fit.


Cornerstone Website

‌‌Formerly known as Saba, Cornerstone provides a variety of talent management tools ranging from templates to guides and content subscriptions. Comprehensive and intuitive, Cornerstone will help you connect with the best people for the job.



‌‌SurveyMonkey is one of the most popular survey tools for a good reason. If you’re wondering why we’ve included a survey tool as a recruitment tool, that’s because you can use their surveys to gain insight into employee satisfaction, self-assessments, career training, and development. SurveyMonkey allows you to conduct market research quickly, keep track of your brand, deliver a memorable customer experience, and test your ideas.


Textio Website

‌‌Textio is an augmented writing tool that helps you build a culture of belonging. It gives you advanced language insights so that you can make the most out of every word in your job description.

Job Aggregator Tools for Tech Recruiters

If you need a tool to help you post job openings, check out these highly-rated job aggregator tools for tech recruiters.


SmartRecruiters Website

SmartRecruiters is an enterprise talent acquisition suite that empowers startups to hire on-demand and under budget. This tool gives you access to real-time dashboards, end-to-end analytics, and a flexible platform to deal with complex needs. SmartRecruiters also helps you to attract, select, and hire employees.


Recruitee Website

‌‌Recruitee allows you to launch your own hiring process, lead your organization, and scale your processes. It has user-friendly pipelines, automated actions, and customizable templates you can use to take your recruiting to the next level.

LinkedIn Talent Solutions

LinkedIn Talent Solutions Website

LinkedInTalent Solutions can plug you into a large network of qualified job seekers — to be exact, 774+ million as of 2021. As a part of LinkedIn, you’re given the tools you need to optimize your company page. What’s more, this even helps with targeting and communicating with potential candidates.


Hiretual Website

Hiretual is a streamlined platform that uses AI to ensure that startups receive the best analysis strategies and sourcing. Its powerful AI will do much of the rote work associated with hiring so that you can focus on more important tasks. What’s more, it offers enterprise-grade security compliance, integrates with your existing systems, and provides you with accurate data for better outreach.

The Applicant Manager

The Applicant Manager

The Applicant Manager, known as TAM, is an easy-to-use recruitment software that integrates seamlessly into your recruiting practices and brand. You don’t need to go through intensive training sessions or implementation periods to use this software — it works straight out of the box, allowing you to focus on recruiting. You’ll also be supported by an experienced recruiter, who will provide personalized support every time you have a question.

Applicant Tracking Systems for Tech Recruiters

Applicant tracking systems — ATS for short — help you track candidates as they navigate the hiring process. They help you stay in touch with them so that they can have a streamlined application experience. Here are the top eight ATS for tech startups.

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now Website

ADP Workforce Now is an international leader in applicant tracking systems that’s been in operation for more than 70 years. It’s a cloud-based human resources management solution that includes talent management, payroll, employment tax compliance modules, attendance and scheduling, and even benefits administration.


Workable Website

Workable is a handy all-in-one hiring solution that streamlines the recruiting process. It has features such as team collaboration, ATS, and customer relationship management. You can also collaborate with hiring teams to assess applicants and decide who’s best.


JazzHR website screenshot

‌‌JazzHR allows you to track your applicants throughout the process. Like many other platforms, it offers assessments, interviews, onboarding, reporting, and compliance. JazzHR also helps you automate and eliminate repetitive tasks.


Lever website screenshot

Lever is a comprehensive, scalable ATS and customer relationship management software. Over 4,000 customers trust Lever, including Netflix, KPMG, FullStack Labs, and McGraw Hill. With Lever, you’ll get access to personalized nurture campaigns, LinkedIn Recruiter RSC, a Lever Chrome extension, and more.


Jobvite screenshot of homepage

‌‌Jobvite automates locating and hiring the best talent. Even if you already have an ATS, you can use their AI-powered Talemetry Recruitment Marketing Suite to get the candidates you deserve and give them a great hiring experience.


iCIMS website screenshot

‌‌iCIMS is a cloud-based recruitment software that helps you manage the entire talent acquisition lifecycle. Besides helping you attract, engage, and hire talent, it also makes it easier for employees to find their next position. It’s considered a leading ATS and is built specifically for large, global employers and commercial businesses.


Greenhouse website screenshot

‌‌Greenhouse is a recruitment tool and ATS that optimizes every aspect of hiring. Besides attracting and hiring the best talent, it can boost your team’s efficiency and help you construct your ideal hiring tech stack.


BreezyHR website screenshot

‌‌BreezyHR is a modern recruiting tool that helps you attract and hire great candidates with less effort. With this tool, you can craft the perfect job description and advertise it on more than 40 job boards with just a click of your mouse. You can also source candidates using BreezyHR’s sourcing tools and candidate database.

Video Interview Tools for Tech Recruiters

If you’re looking for the best talent, you should use video interview tools to find it across the nation — or even the globe. This is especially true if the job positions you’re looking to fill aren’t limited to a specific geographic location. With these powerful video interview tools, you can interview candidates in real-time or have them respond to pre-recorded interview questions.


HireVue website screenshot

HireVue is a premier hiring platform that combines video interviewing with applicant management and candidate assessment. It can help you save a lot of time by streamlining the first few stages of the hiring process through pre-built assessments and short video interviews.

Modern Hire

Modern Hire website screenshot

‌‌Modern Hire, formerly known as Montage, is an interviewing software that lets you interview through voice, text, or video. It also has hiring assessments, AI-powered automated interview scoring, and scheduling. Ethical, effective, and efficient, Modern Hire will upgrade your hiring process.


Interviewstream homepage screenshot

‌‌Interviewstream, formerly known as RIVS Digital Interviewing, is an interview software that allows you to interview on demand, schedule interviews, build interviews, and more. In short, it allows you to simplify and optimize the hiring process. It also comes with Interview Prep, which helps college and university students prepare for the interview process.

Spark Hire

Spark Hire website screenshot

‌‌Spark Hire is a simple interview software that enriches your recruiting efforts. You can also share interviews with hiring managers to get their feedback to save time in the recruitment process.


Outmatch website screenshot

‌‌Formerly known as Wepow, Outmatch lets you create efficient candidate experiences with video interviewing, reference checking, and assessments. Many companies have used Outmatch before. These include — but are not limited to — BBC, Panera Bread, Adidas, Walmart, and more.


VidCruiter website screenshot

‌‌VidCruiter is a comprehensive software that lets you do video interviews, pre-recorded and live. It also tracks applicants, offers scheduling and skills testing, and even helps you to save money and reduce hiring bias.

Background Check Tools for Tech Recruiters

Background checks are an integral part of the hiring process. Here are six tools that check for everything from employment history to criminal records. They even let you do international searches, so you can rest assured you’re not hiring someone who has a criminal record in another country.

VICTIG Screening Solutions

VICTIG Screening Solution website screenshot

‌‌VICTIG Screening Solutions offers in-depth background checks including motor vehicle reports, credit checks, sex offender databases, and more. Really, there’s more — it even checks county, state, and federal records. It’s accredited by the Professional Background Screenint Association, or PBSA.

Veritable Screening

Veritable Screening website screenshot

‌‌Veritable Screening provides county criminal searches, statewide criminal searches, nationwide criminal searches, and more. They will also help you craft a custom screening program that can minimize theft and fraud, protect your existing employee base, stay compliant with laws and regulations like FCRA, and mitigate potential legal liability.


Sterling website homepage screenshot

‌‌Sterling is a sterling identity check solution for your startup. It has direct access to US criminal records and employs a dedicated team of court researchers if access to physical court records is necessary. It does over 75 million background checks annually, and 90% of criminal searches can be done within a day.


Intelifi homepage screenshot

‌‌Intelifi checks a variety of critical records, provides built-in compliance tools, and even boasts human and AI review. Fast, accurate, NAPBS accredited, and secure, Intelifi will help you streamline your employment screening workflow.


GoodHire homepage screenshot

GoodHire is a powerful background check software that lets you design your own screening program. You can also choose from their pre-bundled packages. GoodHire also has an FCRA-certified US-based support team that’ll help you with any issue you come across.

Learn More: Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Everything You Should Know

Onboarding Tools for Tech Recruiters

After you’ve decided which candidates to hire, you still need to go through loads of paperwork to coordinate new hires and integrate them into your company. However tiring and exhausting this can be, you need to make sure your onboarding process is top-notch.

Why? Because onboarding is an important part of the hiring process. You need to set up your new hires for success and make a good impression on them. Otherwise, your new hires may leave your company within a couple of months, and you would have to go through the recruitment process all over again.

Here are some onboarding tools that will make the onboarding process simpler.


ApplicantStack homepage screenshot

‌‌ApplicantStack is a flexible onboarding solution. It lets you support new talent with a library of checklists, tasks, and templates. They also offer state and federal forms, EEOC and OFCCP compliance, and background checks.

UKG Pro Onboarding

UKG Pro Onboarding homepage screenshot

‌‌UKG Pro Onboarding, formerly known as UltiPro Onboarding, delivers collaborative and personalized solutions that help you make strong impressions on your new hires. With UKG Pro, you’ll be able to reduce early terminations, relieve any causes for stress as soon as they pop up, build stronger relationships, and empower new employees to complete important tasks.


BambooHR homepage screenshot

BambooHR makes the onboarding process extremely easy through its employee self-onboarding process. The software helps you quickly complete paperwork, gather electronic signatures using customizable preboarding packages, and more. With BambooHR’s organized and efficient onboarding process, you and your organization will stand out to new hires, increasing the chance of them staying to become veteran employees.

Paychex Flex

Paychex Flex homepage screenshot

Paychex Flex supports your onboarding needs, such as setting up direct deposit, collecting signatures and forms, and getting employee manuals up and running. They offer easy-to-complete online forms, personalized messages, and give new employees the ability to complete checklists on laptops and mobile devices.


Paycor homepage screenshot

‌‌Paycor is an online payroll service and HR software that simplifies the onboarding process. They make the process more meaningful and engaging by automating repetitive tasks, allowing you to devote time to important things like interacting with your new team members.


Workday homepage screenshot

Workday is a future-oriented HCM that places your employees first and aims to give every employee a unique experience. With Workday’s “Voice of the Employee” module, you can:

  • Quickly answer common HR questions with a knowledge base
  • Gain insight into what your employees really think of your company
  • Get real-time feedback on employee development, health, well-being, experience, diversity, and belonging

Revelo: The Best Tech Recruiting Platform

If you want a full-stack solution that does everything these tools do for you, including sourcing, screening, hiring, and onboarding, consider getting Revelo.

Revelo is a powerful recruiting tool that allows you to scale your team with the top 1% of Latin American software developers. As the largest tech talent platform in Latin America, we’ve screened our talent pool of senior software developers for 100+ skills, including Sysadmin, Python, Node, React, Ruby on Rails, and more. What’s more, all of our developers have polished English-speaking skills. They’re located in time zones coinciding with the US or are at least adjacent. This means you can enjoy real-time collaboration with your remote hires.

Hiring developers through Revelo is incredibly straightforward. Here's the process:

  1. Schedule a meeting with us so we can understand your needs, goals, and technical demands.
  2. We’ll match you with the best developers within three days.
  3. Interview your candidates and select the ones you want.
  4. Start developing software with our talent with our no-risk 14-day trial.

Additionally, Revelo provides a state-of-the-art remote experience that allows your talent to grow with your in-house staff. Once you hire them, your remote employees will become part of the Revelo Talent community, which means they benefit from partnerships, premium office space, exclusive services, meal allowances, healthcare, and more. This allows you to build a high-performing remote team that is genuinely motivated to work for you.

Our team of human resources professionals will also help you handle any and all remote HR issues that pop up. We manage taxes, payroll, mentorship for employees, onboarding programs, immigration assistance, and more. Leave that to us so that you can focus on meeting your goals.

Ready to find your ideal developer? Get started today.

Need to source and hire remote software developers?

Get matched with vetted candidates within 3 days.

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