Latin America is a game changer for hiring remote talent

Sidestep the hypercompetitive US market for developers by hiring remote from Latin America. From sharing the same working hours to being proficient in English - LatAm has it all.

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Why Latin America

Top Quality Developers

Time zone overlap

With Latin America-based talent, the maximum time difference is four hours between a city on the west coast of the US (Palo Alto, CA) and a city on the eastern coast of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro).
Time Zone Alignment

Calendar Alignment

Thanks to cultural similarities with the US, Latin America shares many of the same holidays like Christmas and Easter.
Quick time-to-hire

Large tech talent pool

With over 1.4 million software engineers, Latin America offers skilled talent across all tech stacks.
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Share the same work day

It's possible for a developer in Latin America to have the same working hours as your US-based team depending on where they reside.

An untapped pool of English-speaking senior devs

Latin America's large base of experienced and educated developers make it a great fit for companies seeking global talent to scale their remote teams.

Latin American Countries That Overlap With US Time Zones

Remote developers in Latin America who share your same work day are a game changer for remote teams seeking synchronous collaboration.

Mexico (Baja Calif.)
Costa Rica
US - EDT+1

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