Magento Developer for Hire: An Overall Guide

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Magento Developer for Hire: An Overall Guide

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Magento is an eCommerce platform to build a website and sell products online. It is not the most user-friendly platform, and you may need to hire a Magento developer to navigate it better. Here's why.
Published on
June 14, 2023
Updated on
October 10, 2023

If you run an eCommerce business, you probably know that Magento is one of the key players in this industry. According to recent stats, around 250,000 eCommerce sites globally use Magento because of its high-quality customization and usability. Besides, the platform is smart, innovative, and exciting. It has all the features to help both small and big businesses grow.

If you haven't been using all the goodness Magento offers, you may want to change things and hire Magento developers to join your team. A Magento specialist can help you reap the platform's benefits by dealing with complex tools and features that make your website well-managed. But how do you find one for your team?

This article explores everything you should know to hire Magento developers. Read on and learn all the essentials, from the skills you should look for in your perfect candidates to the ways you can make your hiring process more efficient.

What Is Magento?

If you explored eCommerce agencies for your store's development in the past, you've probably noticed many of them suggested Magento. Merchants and developers alike love Magento because it enables the creation of a fully-functional and visually rich eCommerce platform with its built-in features.

There is no doubt that Magento is one of the top eCommerce platforms in the USA, and it's slowly taking over the globe. Owned by Adobe, Magento is highly-sought because of its user-friendly interface, multiple deployment options, and responsive design.

The platform in question features open-source technology that allows users to control their websites' functionality, look, and content and create excellent shopping experiences for their customers. Magento makes that possible through a handful of tools, from catalog management to search engine optimization.

One of the best qualities of this eCommerce platform is that it can handle all store sizes. Whether you have a million customers or just a few in thousands, Magento evolves and grows with your business to help you reap all its incredible benefits.

Here are some reasons why Magento is a better option than most other eCommerce platforms:

Scalable and Flexible

Magento stands out from the crowd thanks to its scalable and flexible nature. The platform offers unmatched flexibility to its users, meaning they can easily customize their websites' looks, features, and functionality according to their needs.

Users can also enjoy a robust search engine feature geared toward different types and sizes of businesses. Magento has a scalable design and vast network to give users a perfect eCommerce solution to stand out from competitors.

Availability of Various Versions

Magento is available in many versions, which gives customers freedom of choice. The free version of Magento is known as Magento Community Edition and is pretty popular among small startups.

There is also Magento Enterprise Edition, which, although paid, offers excellent features that are worth trying out. Another paid option is Magento Go, a hosted version only available on Magento's server.

The type of Magento version you go for depends on your business requirements, the expertise of the developer, and the budget. However, no matter which one you opt for, you'll reap some benefits.

Solid Content and Marketing Management System

Magento offers developers a customized solution that can help meet the needs of its customers. It also has imperative marketing tools such as upsells and cross-sells that aid in generating sales and revenues. The platform even creates search-engine-friendly URLs that support good marketing.

Other Notable Benefits

The other advantages Magento offers are:

  • Customizable themes
  • Mobile-friendly configurations
  • Versatile and easy functions
  • Efficient product management
  • Numerous add-on modules
  • Organized back-end

While Magento is an excellent platform with many positive sides, not everyone can navigate it. No matter how tech-savvy you are, you'll need expert help to get the maximum out of this platform.

What Is a Magento Developer?

The expert help we mentioned earlier comes in the form of Magento developers. These professionals can help you create Magento websites and make most of the platform's features.

Magento developers build, improve and support Magento websites by customizing their features according to the needs of your business. But they can differ one from another depending on the area of expertise, skills, and experience.

What Does a Magento Developer Do?

There are two categories of Magento developers. The front-end developers work with the web designer to create themes and a look for the website you may want for your eCommerce platform. Their primary motive is to build a visually-appealing website that grabs the visitors' attention and works seamlessly across all devices and channels.

On the other hand, a back-end Magento specialist is responsible for creating and customizing features for the store. They usually use pre-built extensions or bespoke codes to meet your requirements.

Magento developers are also responsible for polishing their skills to create multi-faceted stores for various customers. We've highlighted specific tasks that a Magento developer should perform:

  • Installing Magento to initiate the process of creating eCommerce sites
  • Evaluating the web designer's creations and making similar themes to meet the client's requirements
  • Testing and configuring different payment getaways on the website
  • Configuring the support toward multi-lingual and multi-currency setups
  • Performing integrations with third-party applications and systems to improve customer relationship management
  • Evaluating the security and speed of Magento websites and performing audits on search engine optimization
  • Increasing loading time and speed of different Magento websites
  • Ensuring the complete security of the stores
  • Offering extensive support and maintenance services for seamless operations

In a nutshell, a Magento developer does more than building a website. Therefore, it's essential to find and hire professionals who have experience working on this platform.

Magento Developer Salary

Since Magento developers are experts in the platform, they often get paid an excellent wage. The average base salary of a Magento developer is around $105,720. However, most senior Magento developers demand a salary of more than $130,000 per year because they have vast experience in the platform and can help companies make the most of it.

It's imperative to note that salary figures fluctuate every year. Most Magento developers also charge on a per-hour basis. If you end up needing help for a specific complex and long-time project, you may need to pay more than the numbers cited above.

Still, you can expect Magento developers to bring many skills to the table for the average salary cited. Accomplished Magento specialists are good at their jobs because they have:

Excellent Time Management Skills

Magento specialists usually have good time management skills that help them ace every project on time. They also know how to prioritize tasks and even take breaks to prevent burnout.

Strong Communication Skills

Like other developers, Magento specialists can communicate their ideas and opinions clearly. This quality allows professionals to comprehend the client's specific requirements, resulting in excellent deliverables.

Customer Support and Service Skills

Customer experience is essential in website development. An excellent Magento developer knows how to handle customer queries professionally and meet all their requirements on time.


If you are looking for the best Magento specialists, you will find them with certificates. These experts often have valid certifications that demonstrate their Magento skills. Some even obtain Magento 2 certificates after passing an exam.

A Know-how of Programming Languages

Magento is a platform that requires programming skills like most other modern software types. Therefore, Magento specialists need to have sufficient knowledge of various programming languages, such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Hire a Magento Developer

If you're excited about the benefits of Magento and you can't wait to use this platform to make your eCommerce dreams come true, start looking for a Magento developer and specialist right away. But where to start?

Magento developers are in high demand, and the number of these specialists in 2021 has increased to 300,000 worldwide. This means companies are competing with each other to grab the best talent and gain success over their rivals.

If you want to find the best Magento developer for your business, you may need to enter the competition. However, there are ways you can outrun your competitors. As long as you set your goals, offer competitive salary rates, and search in the right places, you can find and attract the right talent for your business.

Define Your Business Objectives and Hiring Goals

You can't hire the best talent until you set your business goals. Candidates will want to know how they can help you achieve your objectives. Your HR team will also need to understand your requirements to find the perfect developers. Therefore, you should communicate your needs clearly to achieve the best results.

Consider this point as a baseline for your search. Make sure you can clearly explain your business model and the type of expertise you are looking for to resolve specific problems in your eCommerce venture.

Set a Project Timeline, Budget, and Skillset

Once your objective is clear, start looking for talent that meets your Magento Developer salary and skills requirements. We have already explained what skills a good Magento developer needs to have. These skills include excellent knowledge of Magento, great communication skills, impressive time management, and know-how of programming languages, to count a few.

Shortlist the candidates who have all the required skills and consider how much time candidates need to complete a project. For example, if a Magento specialist usually requires two months to finish a project, but you need an eCommerce website within a month, you can reject the candidate right away.

Once you find the candidate with the required skill set and suitable time for project delivery, you can move to the next step. That would be to consider your budget for the project. Most Magento developers work on an hourly basis. However, their rate can vary according to their experience, expertise, and the complexity of the task.

Suppose you run a big business. In that case, you may demand more features and functions in your eCommerce website, which would make hiring a more experienced senior specialist a better option. On the other hand, startups and smaller businesses can probably go with junior developers to set up websites with fewer features.

Put in Place a Payment Schedule

Before you hire Magento developers, communicate your payment schedule to them. Since every eCommerce company has a varying and contrasting earning plan, make sure you hire a developer who already knows the dates they may get paid. Candidates are more attracted to transparency, and they'll appreciate your efforts to achieve honest communication.

Find the Right Channels to Conduct the Search

All the previous points were about attracting the perfect candidates for your business. Now, it's time to consider where to find Magento developers.

You can always opt for traditional job boards that let you publish your job post at a small fee. The more modern options include platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork, but these only have freelance developers. LinkedIn is another popular option, and it offers many marketing tools to help your search.

However, all these channels lack the vetting process. There's no way for you to know the real level of your applicant's experience, expertise, and skills. Moreover, you'll have to do everything on your own, from screening candidates to onboarding.

If you'd prefer a more efficient option, consider talent marketplaces. These platforms offer access to pre-vetted talent pools and often provide additional services to help relieve some burden from your hiring process.

Decide on a Hiring Model and an Interview Process

You'll also need to set a proper hiring model to get the best results. This includes assigning responsibilities to your recruitment team and communicating your needs, so your employees know what to consider when revising resumes. Your HR team will also need some input for the interview process, as this will make the most significant impact on the final decision.

After your recruitment team selects a group of people based on the provided resumes and portfolios, the interview will tell them who is the best pick for your company. Based on the questions and the answers, your team will get to know candidates better and narrow down the choices accordingly. Therefore, ensure you have a comprehensive list of questions in place.

If all of this sounds like a too demanding and time-consuming process, or you simply want to make things easier for your already overloaded HR team, consider alternative hiring options. As mentioned above, talent marketplaces can do all the hard work instead of you and save you valuable time and resources.

Mistakes to Avoid When You Hire a Magento Developer

A hiring process can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to it. The fear of choosing the wrong candidate and ruining your project can be daunting. However, you can reduce the chances of failure if you don't:

Look for Locals Only

While searching for the most suitable developer, keep in mind that you have the entire world to select the best candidate. When you restrict your search to the local only, you limit the number of professionals who may strike your fancy.

The best Magento developers may not belong to your area code, so ensure to spread your wings and look for talent from different regions or even countries. However, you should still ensure that the candidate you choose understands your vision and falls within your budget.

Select a Developer With High Rates

Some developers may lure you into hiring them because of their experience and rating. But you shouldn't hire professionals only because they look capable. Before deciding on any candidate, consider everything we listed above, especially your budget.

Developers with high experience and expertise tend to charge higher rates, so you may not be able to pay them in the long run. Lowering rates throughout the project will not only negatively impact your employees' output but harm your reputation as a business. If you have a limited budget and a long-lasting project, consider hiring someone with more affordable rates to see the work to the end.

Compromise on Skills and Tasks

If you select a developer to make your first eCommerce site, ensure they have all the required skills and knowledge. Don't compromise on their expertise, as it can harm your project in the long run. Your selected candidate should have good communication skills and the correct knowledge to launch your site and help you kickstart growth.

Similarly, ensure to hire a developer who performs all the tasks professionally. For instance, you don't want to onboard someone only to create your eCommerce platform. You also want them to provide your maintenance and service support as required.

Hire a Magento Developer With Revelo

If you want the best for your eCommerce platform, hire Magento developers through Revelo. We are a talent platform that connects small and big companies in the USA with experienced and educated remote developers in Latin America.

Revelo gives you access to a wide talent pool of candidates pre-vetted for their English proficiency and developer skills. We do all the hard work so you can hire Magento developers quickly and effortlessly.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or start your 14-days trial right away. Waste no time in perfecting your eCommerce website.

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