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Table of Contents

The cloud is revolutionizing the way businesses and individuals react with, manage, and store data. It helps enterprises prioritize essential tasks and outsource the rest of the operations to people who can cope with hard labor. This practice helps organizations save time, energy, and money.

When it comes to the cloud, the name AWS is certain to be mentioned. Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is an Amazon-sponsored cloud computing service for individuals, companies, and governments.

It is undoubtedly a leader in the eCommerce industry. In 2021, it had a $74 billion annualized revenue run rate, and with 38 data centers worldwide, it aims to help millions.

If you want your business to succeed using the benefits of AWS, hiring an AWS Cloud Developer for your team is imperative. This individual has the skills and knowledge to manage and set up all the cloud services your company may require. But before you hire an AWS Certified Developer, you need to know about their roles, responsibilities, salaries, and skills.

What Is an AWS Developer?

According to stats, the growth of AWS isn't slowing down anytime soon. In the first quarter of 2022, AWS revenue grew by 37% compared to the previous quarter. This means that the demand for AWS Developers is continuing to rise. But who are AWS Developers?

An AWS Developer has the same work as other popular cloud developers, but their primary focus is on AWS. The developer's primary mission is to help companies experience the services of AWS to the fullest. These services include everything from data storage and content delivery to writing code.

In addition, an AWS Cloud Developer is familiar with the three principal structures of AWS: EC2, S3, and Glacier. They know how to use these services to the fullest to help companies experience the benefits of Amazon Web Services at total capacity.

Normally, an AWS Developer's job includes updating or building a company's mobile hub and looking after various features such as user authentication and push notifications.

What Does an AWS Developer Do?

There are many advantages of implementing AWS in your business. For instance, it allows you to store all your files securely and will enable you to have 24/7 access. Also, this service allows you to have a virtual office to help you operate and manage your business processes.

AWS is an efficient cloud service that conveniently delivers dynamic and static files anywhere worldwide through its content delivery network. In short, AWS offers cost-effective and reliable resources that you can use to host applications and information quickly.

Roles and Responsibilities

To experience all these services and more, an AWS Developer is the best person to hire. The primary responsibility of this individual is to build and integrate AWS-based data and computer systems in your business.

Their other roles include:

  • Evaluating the current infrastructure of the application and then sharing their input on the required changes
  • Documenting and defining all the essential practices related to infrastructure maintenance
  • Migrating infrastructure in a short time
  • Implementing any planning strategies
  • Assisting a customer throughout the AWS migration process
  • Creating cost-effective and efficient migration strategies

These responsibilities and roles eventually get broader depending on the certifications that an AWS Developer has.

Salary of AWS Developers

The average salaries of AWS Developers depend on many factors such as skills, location, experience, and knowledge. For example, someone who has just earned a basic certificate may not make as much as someone with a specialty certificate.

Salaries also vary according to how the developers present themselves in interviews and progress throughout their careers.

Junior-Level / Entry-Level AWS Cloud Developer Salary

An entry- or junior-level AWS Developer can make up to $90,000 annually in the United States. A junior AWS Developer is usually responsible for maintaining and then evolving the infrastructure of cloud applications.

Senior AWS Engineer Average Salary

Senior AWS Developers often earn additional pay over the base salary and can make an average salary of about $116,000 per year. The highest salary of a senior AWS Developer in the United States is nearly $169,000 annually.

The final salary may increase according to the candidates' years of experience and their certification levels. A senior AWS expert is not only responsible for implementing and improving AWS services but also helps manage their team of AWS Developers and oversees their performance at every stage.

Benefits of an AWS Cloud Expert for Your Business

From looking at the roles of an AWS expert, you may already have an idea of how this individual can add value to your business. This expert can help you optimize your company's processes and maximize AWS's advantages.

Deployment of Applications to Amazon Web Services

An AWS engineer's primary task is to deploy all the web applications to AWS. This procedure can be done in many ways; however, an AWS Developer suggests the newest one so your cloud storage can evolve and constantly stays updated.

Awareness About AWS Security

Another benefit of an AWS Certified Developer is that they are familiar with the entire security model of AWS. This allows them to efficiently fix common issues and bugs related to this cloud service.

Knowledge About the Right Database Service

An AWS Developer is equipped to help you pick a database service that works correctly for your application. A poorly chosen service can hinder the growth of an application, and that's what an AWS Developer helps to prevent.

These benefits help companies grow, as AWS Developers identify all the required AWS services for a certain application. They also write codes optimizing the services and encrypt any critical security spots, such as credentials.

To experience all these benefits for your startup or organization, you'll want to hire an AWS Developer. Below, you will learn how to do that.

How To Find and Hire an AWS Certified Developer

If you are a part of a company that plans to launch its services and products online, having AWS lowers the obstacles that you may face. Similarly, if your business deals with a large amount of data or requires building and maintaining AWS solutions, hiring AWS Developers should be your primary goal.

AWS Developers help organizations integrate their current systems with AWS solutions and enjoy high speed, tight security, cost savings, easy scalability, and efficiency. Whether you run a media-related business or an online education venture, AWS Developers can help you keep all your data up to date to compete efficiently.

There's no doubt that finding and hiring experts with top-notch computing skills can be a difficult task. Very few people have the proper certifications or background knowledge to excel in this field.

Finding the right professional shouldn't be a hassle if you are knowledgeable about what you want. If you want to hire the best individual on your first attempt, below are some things you should consider during the process.

Background and Experience

When looking for a competent AWS Developer, ensure the candidate has a bachelor's degree in computer sciences or software development. These degrees help to teach individuals basics such as coding processes, software development, programming languages, and various IT operations.

If you can find a candidate with a master's degree, that's an academic bonus you may want to consider. Some candidates also have AWS certifications that allow them to be more competitive.

What Is an AWS Certification?

This certification is often earned after learning the basic and advanced AWS levels through various training courses or on-the-job experience, then passing an examination. Many IT professionals earn this certification to validate and showcase their technical knowledge and skills.

AWS offers 12 different types of certifications, categorized under four main categories: Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty. Below, you will find a brief discussion of each experience level.

Foundational. If a person wants to build their overall understanding of AWS, they often pursue the Foundational certification. To earn this certificate, the candidate must only pass a single exam.

AWS Developers with this certificate usually have six months of experience. While they understand the basic concepts of AWS, they aren't capable or trained enough to implement the AWS services. Most Cloud Practitioners have this certificate.

Associate. An AWS Certified Developer at the associate level is someone who has worked with AWS for a year or two. This individual is capable of recognizing and solving problems with ease.

The associate level provides three types of certificates. The Solutions Architect certificate is well-known. It provides a broad overview of AWS and focuses on core services such as Virtual Private Cloud and EC2.

In this category, individuals can also earn a Developer Certificate. Someone with this certification understands things like Elastic Beanstalk, SNS, and SQS.

People who are Certified SysOps Administrators are capable of running AWS services. This is one of the most demanding certificates to earn, and anyone with this certification is considered quite competitive.

Professional. AWS Cloud Experts with a professional certification have at least two years of experience in operating, designing, and solving issues related to AWS. For instance, a Solutions Architect is considered an expert in AWS, and with this certification, an AWS Developer should be able to handle any related service.

Specialty. All AWS Developers who have earned specialty certifications typically have at least five years of work experience. They have some advanced knowledge of all AWS components and usually can be considered for high-level posts.

There are many specialty certifications. For example, the Advanced Networking certification allows AWS developers to work on services like Border Gateway Protocol and Direct Connect.

The AWS Developers with the database certification manage databases. The developers who are certified in analytics are familiar with all kinds of data services, and the developers with a security certification know how security operates across different domains.

There is also a new AWS certification, Machine Learning. This certification revolves around concepts such as modeling, algorithms, and analysis.

When on a hunt for an AWS Developer, you should know the knowledge and experience you are looking for. This analysis will help you put together a short list of candidates who might meet your requirements.


Other than evaluating a candidate's knowledge, you should also know the skills to look for in a competent AWS Developer. Here are the skills that an AWS Developer should have:

Excellent Understanding of Programming Languages

An AWS Developer should have a strong understanding of coding. A hiring developer should know how to write codes and must have a basic understanding of languages such as C#, Java, PHP, ASP.Net, or Python. They should have practical experience with these languages as well.

Choosing the Accurate Storage

One of the most crucial skills that an AWS Developer should have is the ability to differentiate between various storage options and then select the storage that meets the size of your organization. The professional should also know how and where to store the data.

Awareness of Internet and Networking Procedures

The candidate must be skilled enough to know about all internet and networking procedures. Network management is a skill that allows AWS Developers to centralize resources in the cloud.

Knowledge of Security Perimeters

An AWS professional should have the skills to implement security perimeters and know how to protect applications and data. In addition, they should be aware of preventive measures to keep the AWS implementation safe.

Acknowledgment of Virtualization

The candidate must know how to run applications on virtual machines. This process helps hardware dependency and also supports fault tolerance.

Skill with Web Services and APIs

Another critical skill an AWS Developer should have is the know-how of things such as WSDL and XML. These are important for listing services and data transfer.

All AWS Developers should also have strong communication and interpersonal skills. These are essential to help them smoothly convey their plans and strategies regarding AWS. In addition, they should also be great managers, especially if they have many people under them or a team that runs on delegated tasks.

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Shortlisting and Interviewing

You must be aware of the qualities that an AWS Developer should have so you can create a job description to attract suitable candidates. Start with creating an honest and straightforward job description without sounding too overwhelming.

Ensure to mention the correct years of experience and the skills you demand. You should also consider the salary relevant to the roles and responsibilities of the developer.

Your company's HR department must be transparent in disclosing their expectations from the candidate. It should also inform the career progression they predict for this role.

A well-curated job description is a great way to reach potential candidates. Ensure to spread the word through various hiring channels so many people get to know about the position.

Once a certain number of candidates are on the shortlist, start conducting interviews. This is imperative if you want to hire an AWS Developer you can rely on. Here are a few questions to ask an AWS Developer in an interview:

What Is AWS?

This is a common question that evaluates the candidate's basic knowledge of AWS. Make sure to select candidates who answer this question without hesitation and have a straightforward answer to give.

Can You Explain the Primary Elements of AWS?

Again, this is a solely knowledge-based question, and someone who fails to answer it confidently may not be confident in their knowledge of AWS.

What Are the Benefits of AWS Developer Tools?

This question should have a practical answer that allows a candidate to relate the tools to their experiences. Benefits may include things like increased productivity, minimized downtime, and automated infrastructure.

How Do You See Yourself as an AWS Engineer?

The answer to this question helps you evaluate the candidate's confidence in their skills and knowledge. While their certifications may help you validate their experiences, the candidate's perception of their abilities will guide you to understand their true potential.

A short yet detailed interview session can help you easily filter the talent pool to find the right candidate. Be sure to also evaluate your candidates through practical exercises. Allow them to work with their teams for a short trial period, and analyze their behavior and work ethics. This way, you can know who to accept and who to reject.

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