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Table of Contents

Kotlin is a relatively new programming language that can be used on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and many other platforms. It’s easy to use and understand, it’s powerful, and it works with existing Java libraries. Kotlin’s popularity is rising rapidly amongst Java developers and many others. Read on to find out where and how to hire Kotlin developers, as well as why they may be helpful to your company.

What is Kotlin?

Kotlin is a programming language that was developed by JetBrains in 2010 and became open source in 2012. Originally intended for use with JVM and Android, it has proven to be adaptable for many applications and is now considered a general-purpose programming language.

Kotlin offers its users both functional and object-oriented programming features. It was developed specifically to be used across multiple platforms and is intended to increase safety, interoperability, clarity, and full tooling support.

This accessible programming language can be used by anyone on any of the major platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. All that’s needed to make use of this free programming language is to access it through its open-source licensing.

Type inference, static typing, and its ability to seamlessly integrate with Java are just some of the reasons for its growing popularity.

Type Inference

Type inference refers to the ability of the language to detect data types automatically and use this information to predict which data types are likely to occur. This automatic and constant checking helps to keep the flow of information complete and error-free without relying on the accuracy of the user. Instead, data-driven inferences are used to keep everything in sync.

Static Typing

There are two basic ways to type data — dynamic and static. Dynamic typing waits until runtime to check for data type, which leads to backtracking to fix errors. Static typing happens while the data is being compiled, thus detecting any problems earlier and decreasing the amount of time that’s needed to find and repair the error.

The fact that Kotlin makes use of both static typing and type inference means that data typing is held to strict parameters while using this language. All data types being used must be clearly declared, and any changes made to the data types can only be done by following the guidelines.

Java Compatibility

It’s no accident that Kotlin was designed to integrate and operate seamlessly with Java and the JVM. This allows Java source code to be added to a project built with Kotlin and vice versa.

Java is the base language used for the development of most Android applications, and the JVM makes those applications go live by converting source code into a language that machines can understand. As such, Kotlin’s ability to work with both of these is a major asset. It has recently begun to take center stage over Java in the development of Android apps.

In short, Kotlin is a highly functional and user-friendly programming language. It’s easy to access from all major platforms and free to use. It’s powerful enough to handle most applications and intuitive enough to make the programmer’s job easier and more efficient. Its focus on safety and data protection means that it can easily be integrated into most applications without risking network or individual security. It’s an all-around strong computer programming language.

All things considered, taking the time to hire Kotlin developers may prove to be a great asset to your company.

What is a Kotlin Developer?

Simply put, Kotlin developers are software developers that are fluent in the Kotlin language and skilled enough to use it to create new applications.

Kotlin was designed to be a multi-purpose programming language, so being a Kotlin software developer doesn’t limit the applications that a proficient user can create. Kotlin developers might just be able to use the language to successfully complete any programming challenge you put before them.

That being said, Kotlin is most frequently used in the creation of mobile apps and web development. Hence, those are the areas where you’re most likely to find Kotlin programmers that have experience and skill.

What’s more, in light of the compatibility of Kotlin with Java, many Java developers have already transitioned to the use of Kotlin — and those who haven’t easily could.

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Why Use Kotlin?

According to the official Kotlin information page, Kotlin is well suited for the following uses:

  • Mobile cross-platform
  • Native
  • Data science
  • Server-side
  • Web development
  • Android

Like Java, Kotlin is considered a middle-level language. Middle-level languages offer their users the benefits of lower functions, like memory allocation and the ability to interface with hardware. They also offer some high functions, like abstraction, so that programmers can understand the code without needing to understand binary language. This means that Kotlin can be used to create desktop applications and the interfaces that PC users need to interact with them.

Kotlin’s most common use is in web development and the creation of mobile apps. The Ktor framework that supports Kotlin helps web developers to create asynchronous servers which allows code to be shared between those servers and the clients. What this means for the programmers who create Android apps is that Kotlin Multiplatform allows for the sharing of codebases between iOS and Android. This also makes it possible for programmers to build apps that function across multiple platforms.

Advantages of Kotlin

Questions are likely to come up at this point. Kotlin seems to be a programming language that’s very similar to Java, and Java is already well established amongst many qualified software developers. So why would you opt to hire Kotlin developers instead? What makes Kotlin developers a better choice for you and your company? Here are some answers to consider.


Java was created in 1996. While it’s still widely used and trusted, it may not meet all of the needs of today’s digitally driven world. Kotlin is much newer than Java but can operate seamlessly with it. This means that Kotlin developers get the reliability and solid performance of time-proven Java on top of the advantages brought by the fresher, more adaptable Kotlin programming language.


One of the advantages that the developers of Kotlin tout is the reduction of boilerplate code. Boilerplate code is the name given to sections of code that must be repeated, without alteration, in various places throughout the coding sequence. Without these sections of code, the application will not be able to understand the instructions being given. But repeating them over and over is tedious for the developers and increases the chances of errors. Kotlin doesn’t require these boilerplate sections of code, thus making it more concise and easier to use.

Other ways that Kotlin has streamlined the use of the language are:

  • Clear data type parameters
  • Data type inference
  • Smart casts — These allow the Kotlin compiler to track what’s happening inside of individual expressions.

Being concise and clear not only makes life easier for the developer using the language, but the code created is also more compact. The more compact the code, the less likely it will junk up the system, causing crashes and system failures. A system that’s less likely to crash is a safer one.


In addition to the ability to statically type data, the fact that Kotlin was designed to have strong data type parameters means that errors can be detected early in the process. This helps prevent bugs and glitches.


Kotlin was developed by JetBrains, a software development company that made a name for itself by creating and using strong development tools. The developers at JetBrains have also created a whole host of integrated development environments, or IDEs, supported by Kotlin.

IDEs allow developers to create, test, and execute code in a safe environment before trying it out in the real world. Just as an example, Android Studio is one such IDE for mobile application development that’s supported by Kotlin.

IDEs are powerful development tools which create a safe way for programming languages like Kotlin to be maintained and upgraded. They provide a strong support system for developers, ensuring that they'll almost always have access to a safe and convenient place to maintain their code.


Nullability of code refers to the ability of some computer languages to accept the absence of data without flagging it as an error. Java, for example, doesn’t accept null values. If a part of an expression doesn’t have a value, then Java gives the user no systemic way to represent that value.

Kotlin, however, does give programmers the option of accepting null values. This is particularly helpful in Android app development, where null values are quite common.


Functional programming allows programmers to assign values to be accepted by certain functions and to build the software using those functions. Kotlin is a language that’s functional in this sense.

Functional programming also allows programmers to create short functions that can — and will — only be expanded to the full function if the need for the value of that function arises. Known as inline expansion, or inlining, this makes for more concise code.


These extension functions, along with strict parameter values and clear declarations for objects, means that it takes less time to create new code using Kotlin. As such, using Kotlin makes it faster and easier to get new programs up and running smoothly. This maximizes productivity.

Companies That Use Kotlin

Although it isn’t the most popular computer programming language, Kotlin has definitely attracted the attention of some heavy hitters. The following is a partial list of the major companies currently taking advantage of the benefits Kotlin provides:

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Netflix
  • Pinterest
  • Uber
  • Foursquare
  • Trello
  • Capital One
  • Coursera
  • Basecamp
  • Corda
  • JetBrains

Reasons to Hire a Kotlin Developer

Regardless of what software development project you’re looking to have completed, hiring a Kotlin developer may prove to be a long-term asset to your company.

If you’re a new software development company, or perhaps an established one looking to branch out, mobile app development is a lucrative way to go. The work is straightforward, and the only real requirement is that your programmers know the native languages of the platforms you wish to market the app to.

Kotlin developers have an even easier time with this process since they can build an app that works across multiple platforms. This of course will save your company money, as well as the most precious resource in today’s fast-paced world — time.

Web development is another area where Kotlin excels, and it’s also an area where the need is great. Hiring a Kotlin software developer to create websites, either for your company or to be marketed to other companies, is another profitable venture.

Whether your interest lies in web development, mobile apps, or other software projects, it’s likely that a Kotlin developer can get the work done for you in a timely and effective manner.

Hire a Kotlin Developer

The popularity of mobile apps and the constant need for web development means that Kotlin developers are always in high demand. Luckily for those looking to hire them, there’s also a large pool of qualified Kotlin developers to fill those roles.

How do you hire a Kotlin developer?

Hiring any software developer on your own can be a great hassle. In order to determine if the candidate you are interested in is qualified for the job, you must have a significant amount of knowledge about the process yourself. If you were already a skilled programmer, you probably wouldn’t be looking for a new software developer.

This is especially true for the lesser-used programming languages like Kotlin. When looking to hire a Kotlin developer, or any software developer for that matter, it may be a wise choice to find a company like Revelo to do it for you. The staff at Revelo know exactly how to determine the skill sets of programmers and whether they would be a good fit for your projects.

How much do developers cost in the U.S.?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average Kotlin developer makes $127,541 per year. The rate of pay is affected by many variables, including the location of the position and the developer’s length of experience. Some entry-level Kotlin developers are making as little as $49,000 per year, and some with years of experience are bringing home as much as $170,000 a year.

How Much do Developers Cost in South America?

If you’re considering outsourcing your software development projects, South America may be a good place to start your search. The countries of South America have been making collective efforts to boost their economies through outsourcing high-quality IT work, and the effort has paid off.

Hiring Kotlin software developers from these countries costs much less than it would to hire a full-time employee at home. This is also true for developers who specialize outside of Kotlin. Mid-level developers can be hired from South America for about $76,000 per year. Highly skilled and experienced ones can be hired for around $100,000.

Let Revelo Help You Hire a Kotlin Developer

If you’ve decided that hiring remote developers is the right fit for your company, then let Revelo help you find the right candidates. They have extensive reach with tech talent in Latin America and know how to find the exact individual or team you need.

Regardless of whether you’re in search of an individual developer or a team to hire on a full-time basis, they can find exactly the right Kotlin developers to get the work done for you.

To find out more about how Revelo can help you scale your engineering team with highly skilled software developers in South America, contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Kotlin and Java the same?

No, Kotlin and Java are different computer programming languages with different pros and cons. They are, however, completely compatible with each other, and using a combination of the two languages may be the best solution for all of your software development needs.

Is Kotlin front-end or back-end?

Kotlin can be used for either front-end or back–end development.

Is Kotlin easier to use than Java?

Kotlin is clearer and more concise than Java, which makes it somewhat easier to create with and maintain. If you’re familiar with Java, learning Kotlin will be a breeze. If not, even then, it isn’t a difficult programming language to master.

Is Kotlin a popular programming language?

Java is still a much more popular computer programming language than Kotlin. Its ease of use for web development and creating mobile apps is making it more in-demand and popular every day.

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