Hire React Developers: Everything You Need To Know To Hire And Manage React Developers

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Regina Welle
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Hire React Developers: Everything You Need To Know To Hire And Manage React Developers

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Before you hire React developers, our complete guide to hiring React developers reveals everything you need to know. Avoid common mistakes.
Published on
July 20, 2021
Updated on
October 11, 2023

(From Freelancers To Outsourcing To Hiring Full-Time Remote Developers)

Hiring React developers can be a difficult task. This relatively new JavaScript library, which has steadily grown in popularity since its inception, is still a relatively new front-end framework, which makes finding true React experts challenging.

However, with the right approach and the right platform, you’ll be able to hire React developers easily, whether you’re:

  • Hiring one or more Freelancers - short-term or long-term
  • Using an Outsourcing Company - to handle the entire development process
  • Using a Tech-Enabled Recruitment Company - to find full-time remote developers for your business

We’ll cover every step, including deciding what criteria to measure your potential hire against, the screening process, the interview questions to ask, and, finally, hiring the best React programmer you possibly can.

We’ll consider the benefits and potential drawbacks of each hiring method mentioned above, including employing a freelance React developer, obtaining the services of an established ReactJS development company, or hiring a remote developer through a tech-enabled recruitment company.

We’ll also touch on why React has exploded in popularity, the benefits it can bring to your business, and what it’s primarily used for.

React is a robust and flexible JavaScript library, and there are many reasons to consider including it in your current technology stack.

Before learning both how and why you would hire React.js developers, let’s take a quick look at some of the main benefits React can bring to your business.

Main Benefits of React

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you use React for your business:

  • Open source: Because React is open source, it brings with it the typical advantages of using open source software like community, transparency, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Reusable components: Having reusable components means developers will spend less time maintaining the existing code base, and more time working on fixes and new features.
  • Performance: React uses virtual DOM to enhance its performance, offering faster load times and more efficient use of memory.
  • Documentation and support: Thanks to the popularity of React, the level of documentation, tutorials, and support around the topic is comprehensive. Developers can use this information to become unstuck, and keep the project on time and on budget.
  • Security: React offers a high level of security that ensures the integrity of your website(s) and web application(s).

React vs React Native: What’s the Difference?

React is a JavaScript library, supporting both front-end web and being run on a server, and is used for building user interfaces and web applications. It follows the concept of reusable components.

React Native is a mobile framework that makes use of the JavaScript engine on the host, allowing you to build mobile applications for different platforms (like iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile) in JavaScript.

This allows you to use ReactJS to build reusable components and communicate with native components.

If you’re building a website or web application that only needs to run in a browser, React will be sufficient.

Because React is a declarative, efficient, and flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces, it became popular quickly, which resulted in the creation of a large talent pool of React web developers.

If you’re building a cross-platform application that needs to work on both your PC and mobile, consider using React Native.

React Native lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript. React Native reduces the need for android app developers and iOS developers, as it can be used to build native applications for both of these platforms.

Both follow the JSX syntax extension of JavaScript, and both are open-sourced by Facebook.

What Is React Used for?

React is a powerful JavaScript library that’s primarily used for creating single-page web and mobile applications that have user-friendly, front-end interfaces. Its ease of use, flexibility, and scalability have contributed to its popularity.

Typical web applications that work well using React include online forms, shopping sites, word processors, spreadsheets, video file conversion, file scanning, and email programs such as Gmail and Outlook.

ReactJS has dominated the landscape of mobile and web app development in top Fortune 500 companies. Companies such as Airbnb, Shopify, Uber, Facebook, and Netflix all make use of React for their front-end UIs.

In the next step, we'll discuss where to hire web developers from, and how to hire web developers that will go the extra mile for you and your business.

Which companies use React?

Many well-known companies use React. Examples include:

  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Airbnb
  • Shopify
  • Amazon
  • Twitter
  • Uber

React is trusted by the best technology companies in the world, with their frontend JavaScript developers using React on a daily basis to give their users the best experience.


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How to Hire React Developers: 6 Steps to Hiring Right the First Time

We’ve condensed the best practices for hiring new talent into a set of practical steps you can follow to ensure you get a front end React developer who can deliver high-quality work and meet your deadlines. The general steps are as follows:

  1. What is the current stage of my business or project?
  2. How Many React Developers Am I Hiring?
  3. Is My Project Short-Term or Long-Term?
  4. What Experience Level Am I Seeking?
  5. Is it worth using a React development company? (a.k.a. Outsourcing Companies)
  6. Describe your ultimate React developer or React development team (the case for hiring full-time developers)
  7. Write a business or project outline and job description that will attract the best React talent
  8. Screen React software developers to find the best
  9. What questions should I ask the developer in the interview?

Throughout the rest of this post, we’ll delve deeper into each of these questions, giving you the necessary information to attract the best talent, identify the best candidate, and end up with a good React developer that you can rely on for your particular business or project.

1) What Stage Are You? (Define Your Requirements)

You want to build a software product or service. The creation of software can be a complex and costly process if it is not planned correctly. Before you rush out to hire a React expert for your team, you must first analyze the current state of your business. Before you hire a React developer, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I have project requirements, technical specifications, or other planning documentation in place?
  • Do I have an existing codebase that is in need of improvements or an entirely new idea?
  • Is my software already successful but in need of enhancements and new features?

You must define what type of specialty you need, and this depends on what you want to build and the technology you will use to build it. For example, do you need to:

  • Design a slick new website and find web developers to build it?
  • Hire developers for an app?
  • Contact and hire android developers to port over your existing iOS app to android?
  • Create an app for your existing website and hire iOS developers to create the App Store version?
  • Hire full-stack developers to better serve your customers with an end-to-end web service you completely control?

By the end of this article you will know the answers to these questions. In this next section, we’ll explore the best path to take, depending on what stage your business is at.

“I Have a New Business Idea”

If your business or project is brand new, you won’t have to face the constraints of working with an existing code base, which can often be trickier than starting from scratch.

For new businesses or projects, you should create a requirements document. If this document is highly detailed, there will be less room for error when it comes time for development. The business or project has a greater chance of staying on track.

Consider having the software developer work on an MVP, or minimal viable product.

An MVP is a version of a new product that allows a team to prove the concept of a product and get feedback from customers to ensure a market actually exists.

It also has the added benefit of saving you time and money that would have been spent on design and development.

“I Have an Existing React-Based App Or Website”

You have an existing website or app that requires an expert developer to clean up the code, remove redundancies, and improve the overall architecture and design of your solution.

A React.js expert can add new features that will integrate with your existing systems seamlessly. The component-based architecture of React allows for this.

Having a React JS expert improve the maintainability of your current React components will allow your software engineers to spend less time searching for bugs, and more time implementing fixes and working on new features.

“I Require Team Augmentation”

When thinking of how to hire software developers, consider team augmentation.

Team augmentation is the practice of hiring temporary or full-time developers to boost your current productivity.

Whether your existing React development team needs an additional React developer, or your current team has a knowledge gap regarding React development, team augmentation can help.

Imagine the following scenario...

Your company has an excellent software development team in place. They deliver well-written, clean, and easy-to-understand code while consistently hitting deadlines.

Imagine a new business idea or project is proposed and it requires the use of React, a first for your company.

You ask your talented developers if they have any experience with React, and one-by-one, they all respond that they do not.

This is where team augmentation can be a major benefit.

You hire a new ReactJS developer that has the necessary skill set, and your existing team can learn the best practices from an expert in their field.

How Many React Developers Are You Hiring?

The number of React developers you’re hiring can influence the best path forward.

For instance, do you need one React developer, a React development team, or just a lead React developer who can guide your existing engineering team?

This will impact the criteria you apply throughout the interview process, and ultimately impact how you hire developers for your company.

Is Your Project Short-Term vs Long-Term?

Do you need a React front-end developer to work on a one-off, short-term project, or is your current requirement for a longer-term position?

For short-term, one-off tasks, you should consider hiring proven React specialists. You cannot afford to have them learn on the job, and you want them to hit the ground running.

Hiring React.js experts may seem more costly upfront, but there is a far greater chance that they will deliver their work without complication, adhering to the agreed budget and deadlines.

Their development skills and knowledge of React is the most important aspect to consider when hiring for the short-term.

For longer-term working arrangements, there is generally more leeway.

Whoever is hired will have more of an opportunity to learn the system, get to know other team members, and reach out to ask questions.

You will want someone who is personable and can communicate well with others, since you are planning to keep them around for a longer period of time.

For this reason, you could consider someone who may not be as technically adept as a React expert but has a greater potential for collaboration with your existing team.

Keep this in mind when going to hire developers of any discipline or technology.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hiring Freelance React Developers?


  • You don’t have to commit to the freelancer
  • You have no salary to pay
  • Reviews help you decide on the best candidate
  • You can hire and/or fire quickly


  • The freelancer isn't committed to you or your project
  • Freelancers are known for 'ghosting' clients (disappearing without notice and not responding to messages)
  • The freelancer's time zone might be very different to yours
  • Freelancers can be slow to respond
  • Freelancers have multiple clients and projects to juggle
  • Freelancers will not necessarily be committed to your company values or culture

What Experience Level Are You Seeking?

react developer for hire

A junior React developer will typically have between 0-2 years of experience with both the library and software development in general.

They should also possess a good baseline knowledge of front-end technologies. They should be able to perform work well when given an outline of what must be done.

A mid-level developer will generally have between 1-3 years of experience with React, in addition to having 3 years of software development experience with associated front-end technologies under their belt.

This middle React.js developer should be able to discuss technical ideas and approaches well, and deliver optimal solutions to issues they face.

A senior React developer will have at least 3 years of experience using React. They should have even more experience as a frontend developer, with an expert knowledge of JavaScript and other front-end technologies.

When hiring a senior developer of any kind, it is important that this developer can handle complex tasks, along with the ability to design elegant solutions to new problems that may arise.

They will be able to answer typical senior React developer interview questions with relative ease.

These are the major differences between junior, mid-level, and senior developers, and they must be considered. Other potential roles you could hire for would be a React architect, or a React project manager. Both assume more of a leadership role, with the architect designing technical solutions at a high level, and the project manager working to keep your project on track.

Is It Worth Using a ReactJS Development Company? (a.k.a. Outsourcing Companies)

There are companies that specialize in creating React software solutions, known as outsourcing companies or agencies.

A React development company such as this will allocate an experienced team to your project who have tackled many different React projects before.

However, with React development agencies, you do lose a degree of control.

When you hire dedicated mobile app developers or website specialists, make sure you set out an ownership agreement clause in your contract.

This clause should include all the important provisions in detail so as to avoid any legal issues in the outsourcing contract.

It will stop the outsourcing companies from reselling the app to another client, or publishing it on their own.

These development companies will often have their own internal processes and your influence on the approach they take will be limited.

Transparency can also be an issue.

When hiring an agency, or a React development firm, you want to ensure there is a clear line of communication open at all times, and that they can provide a continuous stream of updates so that you know your business or project is still on track.

You also have to think about how to hire dedicated web developers and the complications it can bring.

There are countless outsourcing companies out there, and finding one that delivers high-quality work for a low cost can be a difficult and time-intensive task. Keep this information in mind when you go to hire a React consulting company, or a React JS development company.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using Outsourcing Companies?


  • You can hire dedicated developers to work on your website or app
  • You can scale up or down easier depending on your requirements
  • You don’t need to think about the hiring process of individual developers


  • You may have large time zone differences
  • You won’t be as involved as you may like in the project
  • You can’t coach and train the team members as you could if they were your employees
  • When you hire dedicated React developers, you hand over a level of control to just one company (if they don’t deliver, your project stops or you may need to start all over again)

You may face issues with code quality because outsourcing companies are known to reuse code from previous projects to save time, even if that code belongs to another company.

2) Describe Your Ultimate React Developer or Development Team (the Case for Hiring Full-Time Developers)

Now that you have analyzed the current state of your business or project, and have considered factors such as whether it is a greenfield or existing business/project, if it requires a short-term or long-term hire, or if you need development or React consulting services, we can now focus our attention on staffing solutions.

What does your ideal React developer or React development team look like? In this section, we will look at different characteristics to consider before you hire React developers.

Single Developer or Team

If you are hiring a single developer, you should focus on finding someone you communicate well with.

The majority of your exchanges will happen over text, through email and popular chat applications such as Slack and Zoom. This means the developer must be able to communicate well through both the written and spoken word.

Building your own development team is slightly different.

When you hire a team of developers one by one, not only do you have to evaluate how well you can relate to each of them on an individual level, but you must also consider how they communicate with one another.

  • Does one team member naturally assume a leadership role?
  • What is their preferred method for communication?
  • How does this team gel together and what is their typical work process?

These are a few of the questions you should consider when hiring React developers to build a team.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using a Tech-Enabled Recruitment Company to Build Your Own Development Team?


  • You get a loyal employee who is on-call for emergencies
  • You have a reliable developer that is committed to your business and goals
  • You have someone that has a vested interest in the long term success of your business
  • You have someone that is obligated to do their best, given that they're a full-time employee
  • You have someone who is part of your team and so you can manage them more effectively
  • You can teach your employee what you need them to know (no re-explaining or re-indoctrinating someone into your business)
  • Feedback is taken on board easier as they're fully committed to your business
  • HR operations are handled for you (you pay the recruitment company directly, they handle the rest)
  • You can end employment within 30 days notice to the recruitment company


  • You're committed to paying a full-time salary
  • It can take a bit longer to find the right person
  • Although the recruitment company will filter candidates, you'll still need to interview developers and check their cultural fit within your company

English Proficiency

If English will be the primary language for communication, evaluating a candidate's proficiency in English is of paramount importance to your successful collaboration, especially when you hire a developer online.

Typically, native English speakers charge higher rates for their development services, so there may be a trade-off required. Think carefully here about this potential trade-off.

Communication mishaps related to software projects can cost large amounts of time and money, along with setting your project back.

Some freelancing platforms have English proficiency tests which can assist greatly when you hire developers online using these sites.

You can politely request to see the results of this test. Alternatively, you can continue to exchange emails and messages about the project.

After some time you should obtain a decent understanding of how well the candidate can communicate in English and gauge whether they will be able to answer your front end React developer interview questions.

Remember, their English proficiency will also contribute greatly to the quality of the developer documentation you receive.

If you’re hiring one or more full-time React developers through a tech-enabled recruitment companies, they will have a proven vetting process to ensure you’re matched with the ideal candidate(s) sooner, giving you peace of mind and saving you valuable time.

Knowledge Level & Qualifications

What are the candidate’s qualifications and knowledge level related to React, as well as the other relevant technologies to your business or project?

This may be certifications, their GitHub page, or projects that are currently live on the web that they can provide links to.

For each technical skill they list, can the candidate point to a particular piece of work that is related to the skill, explaining how it contributed to the completion of the project or the ongoing success of the business?

It’s common for developers to list every technology they have ever worked with. Consider asking how recently they’ve used the specific skills and technologies that are relevant to your business or project.

Learn More: Team Lead vs Manager: What’s the Difference?

Experience and Companies

Some companies have a greater reputation than others when it comes to their development teams.

For example, the big tech and FAANG companies (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google) all feature rigorous interview processes and have extremely high standards for new hires.

This can be an indication of a developer’s competency in their field.

Development Process & Efficiency

Measuring a candidate's ability to problem-solve is a tricky task.

To address this, companies will often provide a technical test designed to test a candidate’s ability for a given programming language.

You could ask them a series of questions about React, or ask them to perform a simple programming task.

Developer's Support Network

You can expect a developer, no matter how senior and experienced they are, to have a number of questions while working on your business or project.

What level of support are you planning to provide to this developer?

You must consider how this time spent will impact other areas of your business.


An effective method for reporting progress, issues, and potential blockers must be in place in order to keep the development of your software on track.

These could be daily standup meetings, or a weekly report that states what the developer has worked on and what they plan to work on next.

Pay close attention to these reports to ensure your business or project stays on track.


Flexibility is becoming an increasingly important aspect to hiring new talent.

Are they able to meet and discuss the business or project during your core business hours? This is especially important when receiving React consultant services, as meetings will be needed frequently.

There should be a substantial overlap between the hours of the day they typically work, and your current schedule.

If an emergency were to occur, such as an error being released to live that stops your customers from being able to enter their payment information, would this developer be reachable and able to collaborate in finding a solution?

Development Plan

Although it is wise for you to provide an initial outline and requirements document, it helps if the potential developer or development team can also provide their development plan in writing.

In this plan, ensure they detail not only what they are going to work on, but also when it will be delivered.

It is important to have this in writing, so they can then be held accountable to this schedule.

Milestones & Accountability

Breaking down the business idea and/or project tasks into milestones to ensure all deadlines are met.

This can provide a lot of clarity for the developer or development team and ensure accountability for everyone involved.

For example, if you hire website developers, you might set one milestone for the design, and a milestone for each major web page you would like to have built.

Team Augmentation

Team augmentation is the use of outside personnel on a temporary or full-time basis to boost the capacity of your team.

In order for team augmentation to work, your current team members must be open and welcome the idea.

They should be willing to view the new temporary developer as an additional resource, not as a hindrance. Similarly, the new hire must be comfortable integrating into an existing team and workflow.

For team augmentation, the use of React consultants or the hiring of general React experts either as-needed or full-time, can provide additional help to your team above and beyond additional developers.


Gauging a developer's reliability can be accomplished in several ways. You could ask for references from past employers. This is quite a timely process as meetings need to be organized to enable this.

If the potential candidate is a freelance React JS developer, ask them if they have testimonials from previous clients.

Finally, when hiring a candidate using a freelancing platform, or gig site, it is common for these sites to feature reviews of the developer’s work.

Before you hire freelancer web developers or freelance app developers, check out the reviews on these platforms for similar work they have completed in the past.

This allows you to quickly ascertain their reliability.

Attitude & Mindset

Your organization should expect a new hire to adopt a certain attitude and mindset while at work.

This could be as simple as remaining polite, courteous, and truthful, even when receiving constructive feedback or under time pressure.

This aspect of a potential candidate’s personality can be difficult to learn during the screening process, but look out for how they respond to some of the more demanding technical questions they ask.

If they don’t know an answer, do they seem flustered? Or do they calmly respond with their best attempt at an answer?

Your gut feeling can often be helpful when judging a candidate’s soft skills.

It is attitude and mindset that separates the great app developers from the good ones.

Culture Fit

This is applicable to both long-term and short-term hires. You want someone who works with you to reflect your company’s culture and values at all times.

They should be the personification of your business and exemplify the positive nature of your organization.

Ask the potential candidate what their ideal company culture looks like, and compare how it measures up against your current values.

Steps to hire React developers

3) How to Position Yourself to Hire a React Developer

Software engineers take many different things into consideration before committing to work with a company.

The importance of these factors may not be immediately obvious to hiring managers when they look for a software developer for hire.

The main thing developers care about are:

  • The languages, technology, frameworks, libraries, and tools they will be working with on a daily basis
  • The office environment or company culture
  • Whether there is flex-time or a flexible schedule offered
  • Whether there are opportunities for professional development
  • Whether the company offers remote work options

Your position description or project outline should accommodate as many of these desires as possible.

The tone of your position description or project outline is also important. It should be professional, welcoming, and to the point.

Avoid using stereotypical phrases. For example, many experienced developers will equate the phrase “go above and beyond” to being asked to complete unpaid overtime.

Keep your position description or project outline simple. List the technologies and skills required, what the developer can expect to work on in a typical day, and finally, the amount of hours they will work along with any remote options or flexible scheduling you offer.

Keep this information in mind when writing your job description for a React.js developer.

React Developer Job Description Template: (Fill in the Blanks)

Feel free to use this React JS developer job description template to guide the writing of your job description for a React.js developer. Make any adjustments you need, such as changing the number of years of experience from 3 to 1.

If you’re working with a specialized software development recruiter, by providing them with a detailed position description, it will help ensure they present you with the ideal developer(s) you're wanting to hire. 

React Developer

We are [Write a short paragraph about your company, the products and services you provide, and any other information you think makes your company stand out from the rest.]  

Responsibilities: We’re looking for a skilled React developer to join our front-end development team. Your main responsibilities will be to create UI components and implement them using popular React.js workflows such as Redux or Flux. You will be committed to ensuring the reliability and reusability of the components you deliver. You will communicate frequently with your team members that work on the different layers of the infrastructure, such as backend and middleware developers. You will coordinate with all necessary stakeholders, while maintaining a constant focus on thoughtful design and software quality. 


-You should have proven experience in delivering robust React web applications. Ideally you have at least 3 years of experience using React on a daily basis, with even more time being spent with modern HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

- Experience with user interface design.

- Knowledge of performance testing frameworks including Mocha and Jest.

- Experience with browser-based debugging and performance testing software.

- Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools.

- Experience with common front-end development tools such as Babel, Webpack, NPM, etc.

- Knowledge of code versioning tools such as [Enter your preferred versioning tool here, e.g., GitHub].

- You should hold a [Insert any educational requirements here, eg., a third-level degree in Computer Science]. [Mention any other framework, libraries, or other technology relevant to your project] 

Who should not apply:

- This is not a junior position and we are not looking for a developer with only 1 year of experience with React.

- We are not looking for a front-end developer with no React experience. You must have proven React experience.


We take a hands-off approach to management, and trust our developers to deliver the work on time. We expect you to adhere to the deadlines for a project, and communicate any issues you encounter along the way. This enables us to course correct. We expect you to work between our core hours of business [ Insert your core hours here, with timezone ]. What are your top 5 strengths with [coding language] development? (Please list them from 1 to 5, with 1 being your top skill.) 

We offer:

  • A continued commitment to your professional development
  • Flexible schedule
  • Dental insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Fully-remote work, or come join us in our office at [ Enter your office location here. ] It’s up to you!
  • Gym membership
  • Up to [ Enter the number of vacation days you offer. ] days of vacation!
  • Generous amounts of paternal/maternal leave.

 When applying for this job, please provide the following:

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile
  • A link to your GitHub and any relevant projects that demonstrate your React development experience
  • Your cover letter
  • Your resume

Thank you, we look forward to hearing from you!

This was only a job description example for a React.js developer. Make as many changes as you need in order to make it work for your purposes.

4) How to Screen React Developers When Hiring on Gig Platform Websites

There are many freelancing or “gig” platforms that allow you to find React developers for a project. Make use of the rating systems provided by these platforms to find the best React developers.

The popular gig sites are Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru.

All of these sites allow you to hire web developers online, but there is no one best site for web developers, unless of course you’re hiring full-time developers through a tech-enabled recruitment agency.

Most freelancing platforms also offer a portfolio section that allows you to see the React freelance developer's previous work. Does it showcase their React JS front end developer skills and abilities?

How to Screen Developers

Once you’ve posted your job listing, you can expect the applications to come streaming in. This is when the screening process begins.  

Here are the factors to take into account when hiring:

Their Pitch

What is your first impression after reading their pitch? At this stage, you can judge how well the candidate can communicate technical information and how they compare against the other freelance React developers that applied.

Does the candidate's skills match your job description? For example, if you are seeking a web developer for hire, and the candidate only lists backend development skills, you can safely discard their application.

If their pitch leaves you feeling confused, it may be best to part ways here.

However, if their pitch provides you with valuable information about their skills and past companies or projects, and genuinely interests you, consider progressing this candidate further.

Their Portfolio

Looking at a developer’s portfolio is a fantastic way of assessing what they can do.

For each company or project in their React developer portfolio, make sure you know what the developer actually contributed. It is common for developers to have companies or projects in their portfolio for which they were not 100% responsible for.

Check that they have typical React developer skills listed.

Their Reviews

Thankfully, many of the top freelancing platforms you would use to hire freelance developers offer a reviews section. Do not just look at the metrics provided; reading the reviews can also be extremely helpful.

For example, a previous client who hired the ReactJS freelancer may explain how the developer delivered excellent technical React work, but communicated quite poorly throughout the project.

Request a Video Interview

Once you’ve shortened the list of potential hires, consider requesting a video interview. This will allow you to meet the developer face-to-face and get a general sense of their personality, mannerisms, and whether or not they would be a culture fit for your organization.

Depending on how many years of experience the candidate has, you may ask React JS senior developer interview questions here.

It also gives the candidate a chance to talk about their experience and past companies or projects, and is an integral step in how to hire web developers that will positively impact your project, and your business.

Communication Skills

Through a combination of the developer’s pitch, text communication, and the video interview, you should now know whether or not their level of communication is sufficient for your needs.

Ensure the candidate responds well to constructive feedback, and has the right mix of hard skills / soft skills.

Trial Them With a Small Task First (Pre-Employments Tests / Skills Assessments)

Before committing to a long-term agreement with a potential candidate, consider having them work on a smaller trial task, or just a subsection of the project you had in mind.

This will allow you to gauge how they work, communicate issues, and whether or not they can deliver on time.

For example, if you are building a mobile application, have them create the login screen. The best mobile app developers will do this with ease.

Then have a trusted senior developer in your organization review their technical work. Developers love working with others that write clean, concise, and understandable code.

5) Interview Questions to Ask

It is wise to prepare interview questions ahead of time. These are questions you will ask to all potential candidates. This allows you to compare and contrast the differing answers candidates give.

For senior developers, ask more experienced React developer interview questions. Cater your questions to the experience level of the candidate.

So what React interview questions should you ask?

Personality & Behavioral Questions:

  • Do you enjoy working in a team or on your own?
  • When was the last time you were under time pressure, and how did you deal with it?
  • Can you tell me about a memorable mistake or failure you faced in the past, and the steps you took to correct it?
  • Are you an independent type, or more of a team player?

Previous Work Experience Questions:

  • Can you tell me about a previous company or project that you were passionate about?
  • What technologies and programming languages are you most comfortable with?
  • What was the stack for your most recent project?
  • Can you discuss how React was used and implemented for a recent business or project?

Punctuality & Reliability Questions:

  • How do you structure your work day?
  • What are your general hours of work?
  • When can we reach you?
  • What are your contact hours?

Technical Questions:

  • Why would you use React as opposed to only using vanilla JavaScript?
  • What is JSX and what is its significance in relation to React?
  • Can you discuss, in detail, some functionality you created using React?
  • What's the Virtual DOM and how does React use it?

These are just some of the interview questions to ask React developers.

React developer interview questions to ask

Hiring React Developers From Various Countries: Latin America vs Africa vs Eastern Europe vs India vs Asia  (Which Is Best?)

Before you decide to outsource React development, consider the region your React developer or team of developers is based in.Whether hiring a freelancer, outsourcing company or tech-enabled recruitment companies, you have the choice of the following regions. There are pros and cons for each, with time zones and cost being the most important factors.

This will play a role in your decision of where to hire developers from. People looking for cheap app developers and affordable website developers often turn to one or more of the following regions to find developers.

Where the developers are based may influence:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Availability based on time-zone differences
  • Quality of code
  • How well they communicate in English

Let’s analyze some of the most popular regions for offshore React developers.

Latin America

Latin America is proving to be one of the most exciting regions for software engineers.

Software developers in Latin America are highly-skilled, great communicators, and committed to sticking to timelines. The region is also home to many React development companies.

Latin America offers great value to those looking to hire software developers from the region. Not only are you able to hire some of the best app developers, but also the most affordable app developers.

Brazil and other countries in Latin America have invested highly in its software development sector and have provided many promising opportunities for students to study software engineering, leading to a vast talent pool.

This large talent pool makes it easy to hire React developers in Latin America.

Let us compare the the time zones of some Latin American countries to US Eastern, Central, and Pacific time zones:


Africa gets very little press for its outsourcing potential. Countries such as Kenya and Nigeria have good talent pools.

However, Uganda is probably the country with the largest group of untapped, skilled software developers and may be a place to start your search for a React software house in Africa.

Uganda has some of the best Information Technology and Computer Science universities in Africa, such as the Mbarara University of Science and Technology and Kampala International University.

You will find students from all over Africa studying at these top Ugandan universities hoping to become some of the best web developers and top apps developers in the global marketplace.

Outsourcing companies have noticed this, with many setting up operations in Uganda, actively hiring developers from all over Africa.

However, Africa is still very much emerging in this space, and has yet to create a reputation as a real contender when compared to other regions.

A React developer salary in Uganda is very low, which may seem like a major benefit when you hire React developers in Africa. Unfortunately, these cheap web developers often have issues with code quality and communication, two factors that are vital to the success of your project.

We compare the the time zone of Uganda to US Eastern, Central, and Pacific time zones below:

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is very popular for outsourcing software development and other IT work.

It is a high-growth region with an established digital infrastructure, a large talent pool, and a reputation as an excellent place to hire software developers.

According to the English Proficiency Index, most Eastern European countries have moderate to high English proficiency levels.

So what if you want to hire React developers in Ukraine, one of the most popular countries in Eastern Europe for outsourcing. The salary for React developers in Ukraine is quite high when compared to the other regions we have mentioned.

Let us see what the time zone differences are between some Eastern European countries and the US time zones, in case you wanted to hire React developers in Eastern Europe, and not just Ukraine:


When people think of outsourcing IT operations, they immediately think of India. India is one of the most popular countries for outsourcing. This is primarily due to the low prices for developers and the React software development services they offer.

Here’s what you need to know before you hire React developers in India.

The typical React JS developer salary in India is low compared to other regions. These low costs are why so many people consider hiring a React development agency from this area.

There is also a wide breadth of services provided, with the average annual growth rate of IT enterprises being around 7% in recent years.

India is focused on attracting business from international markets and adapting their software development practices to the needs of foreign companies, making it a go-to destination for companies wanting to hire offshore developers.

However, the difference in time zones between India and the United States is approximately 12 hours, which is incredibly inconvenient for both the employee and employer.

If there are any communication issues with your talent based in India, you will have to wait another 12 hours for a reply. This wasted time adds up quickly and can delay your business or project plans significantly.

These potential issues should play a role in your decision to hire app developers from this region.

This is shown in the table below:


So you want to hire React developers in Asia?

China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and The Philippines are among the top outsourcing countries in the world, providing a wide range of assistance to businesses all over the world.

These countries are home to many ReactJS development companies.

Many of the countries mentioned put a lot of emphasis on ESL (English as a Second Language) and learn English from a young age.

This decreases the chances of communication issues occurring and ensures you will not just hire JavaScript developers, but a team that specializes in React.

However there are some challenges to these countries. Many have tropical climates and frequent storms that can cause power interruptions and cancel work.

Whether you need to hire mobile app developers, API developers, or are seeking more generalist freelance developers for hire, Asia is an affordable region to hire from.

Legal issues and contracts are often complicated, especially when it comes to offshore outsourcing. Make sure you protect your intellectual property by signing an NDA.Prepare your own contracts by consulting with professional attorneys to assure customers rights as well as the service provider’s duties.

Be mindful of the time differences involved when going to hire ReactJS developers from this region. We have summarized this information in the table below:

This information will help inform your decision when hiring React.js developers, and especially offshore React developers. This also applies to companies offering ReactJS development services.

Keep this in mind when you hire a React JS web development company to build your next website or web application.

time zone differences for a us workday

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a React Developer?

The cost of top React developers can differ greatly from region to region. Here are the hourly rates for each region according to PayScale:

react developer average hourly rate latin america vs africa vs eastern europe vs india vs asia


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React Developer Hiring: 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid

When hiring a React developer, there are some mistakes to avoid to ensure you end up with the best possible candidate, including when seeking React JS consulting services.

Mistake #1: Not Pre-Screening Candidates Thoroughly

Make sure to always have a quick round of screening in the form of 15-minute phone calls to ensure the candidate is still interested in the role. This also allows you to verify the information on their resume.

At this stage you can disqualify candidates that don’t fit your requirements. For example, you don’t want to hire android app developers if you really need to hire full stack developers.

Mistake #2: Hiring Someone Based Only on Their Resume

Never hire a developer based on their resume alone. Most candidates exaggerate the achievements listed on their resume. This is a reality of the modern hiring process.

The most important thing for jobseekers is getting to the interview stage, so many people will take liberties with their resume to get to this next stage.

Mistake #3: Using Antiquated Whiteboard Testing Practices

Do not ask candidates to solve whiteboard problems on the spot, in front of you or multiple interviewers.

This will put the candidate under an unnecessary amount of stress, and does not reflect the accurate working conditions of their day-to-day life or their problem solving skills.

Many seasoned developers will see this as a red-flag for your organization and may choose to use their talents elsewhere as a result.

How To Check Your Developer’s Performance

When development is underway you’re going to want to know what each developer is working on at any given time.

One of the best methods of doing so is through your version control system.

When the developer is working on your project, they will make local code changes, and submit those changes for review before they are implemented or merged with the live code base.

This is called a pull request, and it’s when you request that someone reviews and approves the changes before they are finalized.

This also happens to be one of the best ways of tracking developer contributions.

By looking at the pull requests (as they are known in GitHub) or merge requests (the equivalent name in GitLab), you can see what exact code is being added, along with a summary and description of what that code is designed to do.

react developer hiring mistakes


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Remote Payroll Management Tips for Your Offshore React Development Team

Managing payroll can be a tricky prospect when you hire remote developers. You may have to comply with the tax laws of the employee’s jurisdiction.

Freelancing platforms may help with this fact, as they offload this responsibility to the freelancers themselves.

Outsourcing companies that outsource React developers will typically hire their employees on long-term contracts, or even a permanent basis. Their payroll is handled as a traditional salary. If you hire an outsourcing company, they will handle this side of things for you.

If you’re seeking full-time developers and partner with tech-enabled recruitment companies, such as Revelo payroll management is handled by them on your behalf.

They typically focus on the talent of a specific region, in this case, Latin America. Thankfully, these recruitment companies take care of salary, benefits, legal matters, and perks.

If you’re choosing to hire freelancers, here are some common remote payroll software solutions:

  • Deel
  • Papaya Global
  • Remote

All of these examples feature an easy-to-understand user interface, which is intuitive to both the employee and employer.


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Onboarding New React Developers: 10 Point Checklist

For your new React developer to be successful, you will need to provide them with the necessary environment and tools that will allow them to deliver value from day one.

Consider this 10 point checklist when going to onboard React developers:

  1. Computer Set-up: Make sure your new developer has a machine capable of supporting your systems and infrastructure.
  2. Communication Mediums: How you plan on communicating on a daily basis. Typical channels include email, phone, messaging applications, and team management software.
  3. Task Management Software: How you keep track of tasks. Typical software applications for this are Jira, Trello, and Asana.
  4. Version Control: How you will track changes in the software development project. GitHub and GitLab are often used by software engineers.
  5. Work Environment: Provide recommendations on creating the optimal working space for the new team member to ensure they feel happy working from home.
  6. Taking Breaks: Make sure your new hire knows how breaks typically work at your company.
  7. Working Posture: They should have an adequate office chair that supports their posture, with their monitor(s) being at eye level.
  8. Financial Details: Make sure you have all of the necessary information to pay your new hire. This includes bank account details,their tax ID number, address, phone, emergency contact, etc.
  9. Company Policy: Make sure they understand the company policies on punctuality, communication, and reporting, and how to adhere to these on a daily basis.
  10. Access: Make sure they have the required security credentials to access whatever part of the system they need to.
onboarding new react developers checklist


Where Are the Top React Developers in Latin America?

Locations of react developers in Latin America

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React Development Timeline

It is important to keep the overall timeline of your React development plan in mind at all times. This will give you something to measure your current progress against. Make this timeline known to all team members.

A typical timeline for a React development plan would look like the following:

  1. Planning and Documentation: Meet with the necessary stakeholder to set out a plan. Document everything along the way and keep an accurate record of everything discussed. Organize regular meetings to help your business or project remain on track. If you are following an agile methodology, you would define your sprint scope and conduct sprint planning here.
  2. Design: Decide how the business or project will look and feel. What do the user interfaces look like? How is the back-end architecture set up?
  3. Development: You have an exact design in place, so now it’s time to develop. Create the software, UI screens, and other components required to fulfill the design specification. Write any unit tests and perform unit testing at this stage.
  4. Testing: Exhaustively test your work. Test on different environments while applying as much stress as you can to the new system you have created.
  5. User Acceptance Testing: Hand the website or app over to a small batch of your target users and get their feedback and note improvements you can make going forward.
  6. Release: Time to launch your website or app!

Project management software can help you keep track of the project’s overall progress. Popular project management applications include Jira, Notion, and Trello.

How to Ensure Your Website Or App Is Delivered on Time

There are some steps you can take to ensure your website or app runs smoothly.

Here are some things to keep in mind when managing your development process:

  • Be reasonable and keep the time zone differences in mind. This will keep everyone working on the business or project happy and productive.
  • Use proven project management software. Common examples include Jira, Trello, and Asana, to name a few. Make sure everyone involved keeps tickets up to date so you can see the current state of a short-term project or ongoing development at a glance and adhere to the agreed timeline.
  • Meet regularly. Sync up with the team on a regular basis. This could be in the form of daily stand-ups or weekly check-ins. Discuss what was completed and what is left to accomplish, and hold each team member accountable for their progress.
  • Make sure everyone is working with the same files. Having a good version control system like GitHub or GitLab will ensure your team members are working in unison.
  • When working with a development team, it is important to clearly define roles and responsibilities for each member. This will ensure the efforts of each team member can be clearly recognized and measured.


How do I hire a React developer?

You can hire ReactJS developers by posting a job listing on traditional job sites, using a freelancing platform such as Upwork, hiring an entire outsourcing company, or using a tech-enabled recruitment companies to find full-time remote employees. This is how to hire the best React developer.

What does a React developer do?

A full-stack React developer creates user-facing software, typically websites and web applications, using the React library along with other frontend development technologies.

What should I look for in a React developer?

You should look for a developer who has created modern websites and applications using the React library.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a React developer?

Typically, React developer responsibilities include delivering performant front-end components that work on a variety of operating systems, resolutions, and devices.

How much do React developers cost?

The cost of hiring a web developer with React skills can differ greatly. The cost largely depends on their experience level and region.

Which methodology do you follow for developing enterprise-grade web applications?

Popular software development models include agile software development to the waterfall model.

Is it possible to migrate an existing web app into a React application?

Yes, this is a popular use case for many companies. Some React software engineers specialize in this kind of migration.

Final Thoughts

You should now have the knowledge and tools required to recruit your ideal React developer.

We’ve discussed what to consider during your screening process, the regions to find the best React.js developers for hire, and the best methods of hiring once you do find the ideal candidate.

Bookmark this page, and refer back to it when needed.

Follow these best practices to dramatically increase the chances of hiring a fantastic React developer.


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