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Table of Contents

Your Guide for Hiring Golang Developers

Creating a perfect application isn't easy, even with infinite gear and frameworks. There's no such thing as an error-free application, even after completion. You must keep debugging, maintaining, and improving your software even after its launch.

When you have an awesome foundation, it's simpler to guide and scale. This is why selecting the correct means of technology is vital.

In terms of writing code, the Go programming language is quite popular for business use. So you may want to consider adding a Go developer to your team for better technological progress. Keep reading to learn about Go developers and what they can bring to your development teams.

What Does a Golang Developer Do?

A Golang developer builds optimized, scalable, and modular software using the Golang programming language. Golang developers are useful for organizations that need strong back-end development to support their large-scale operations.

Their main mission in the software development department is to contribute to developing innovative solutions offered by the company. In addition, Golang developers are expected to build comprehensive error-free technology infrastructure and maintain an operational environment with a 99.99% run time.

Here are some of the daily authorities and responsibilities of a Golang developer:

  • Research and testing of new technologies
  • Collaboration with others to build and develop infrastructure
  • Monitoring and oversight of company data
  • Management of users and user roles
  • Detection, announcement, and correction of errors
  • Proposal of alternative solutions
  • Cooperation with other stakeholders to design, develop, test, release, and improve services
  • Maintenance of development standards, practices, and principles
  • Building scalable and maintainable software
  • Analytical approach on what and how

What Are the Requirements for a Golang Developer Position?

Golang developers are crucial in a company's development team since they are responsible for developing and coding back-end components. That's why hiring managers must ensure that the candidate is qualified before they hire a dedicated Golang developer, with the usual requirements being:

  • 4+ years of experience with Golang programming
  • Experience working with SQL/NoSQL databases
  • Expertise in implementing microservices
  • Ability to use tools and technologies for messaging, RPC, and containerization
  • Ability to write and optimize complex queries
  • Understanding of containerization technologies, such as Docker, RKT, and Kubernetes
  • Experience with CI/CD systems, such as Jenkins, TeamCity, and GoCD
  • Experience working with AWS/Google Cloud
  • Upper-intermediate in English

What Is Golang?

Since Golang is a fast, convenient, affordable, and efficient programming language, businesses turn to Golang developers to build, maintain, and upgrade heavy systems with lowered development costs. Golang was first published in 2009 by Google and released as an open-source project in 2012.

Golang was created to handle Google's ever-growing database and infrastructure and the complexities of this growth.

Golang developers use Golang to expedite the process of creating web pages and software products while scaling it quickly. This language is ideal for servers that handle a high volume of requests due to high traffic flow. Go also promises code efficiency, resulting in faster software and app development.

Unlike most programming languages, Golang wasn't built from scratch. Instead, three programmers from Google — Robert Griesemer, Ken Thompson, and Rob Pike — based Golang on the C language, inheriting the disciplined syntax of C.

Of course, Golang features some changes and feature improvements to differentiate the language from C, making it safer for developers to manage memory. As a result, Golang developers can prevent the notorious memory leakage issues in other programming languages when programmers don't release unused memory.

Golang has endless benefits, and all of them contribute to the language's stability. For example, memory safety, garbage collection, structural typing, and concurrency are a few benefits of using Golang in your software development operations.

But Golang has some limitations too. Due to its simplicity, this language isn't as descriptive as others, so it may take several lines of Golang to achieve what a couple of lines of Python can.

What Types of Projects Require a Golang Developer?

Various project types require Golang developers' expertise, but they're mainly responsible for handling bottlenecks that hinder scalability since Golang supports concurrency. Goroutines are a popular feature of Golang, in which functions or methods run concurrently with other similar elements, thus offering concurrency.

Golang developers are required to handle heavy server-side requests with the help of this language and its minuscule memory usage. Here are a few projects that require the expertise of a Golang developer.

Cloud-Native Development

Golang is an exceptional and practical language for cloud computing for a number of reasons. First, it was originally developed for cloud computing by three Google developers, and they used the language to create multiple famous cloud platforms, such as Kubernetes.

Golang developers use this language for server-side, cloud-native development and not as often for client-side development. It's worth noting that Google Cloud uses Golang to enhance the scalability and performance of its cloud-native system. The language works exceptionally well in this case since it meets both AI and web application needs.

Distributed Network Services

Since Golang is highly supportive of concurrency, Golang developers are required for distributed network services. Furthermore, concurrency thrives in all networking environments, which makes Go the perfect language to utilize in this situation.

Golang is naturally suited for developing and distributing network services, such as mini-frameworks for web applications, web servers, and APIs since developers can use goroutines and channels in such cases.

App Development

Developers can also use Golang for app development because it's quicker and less expensive. Since this language has a basic sentence structure, it doesn't uphold legacies, making it easier to do legacy via in-line structures.

Golang developers are also needed for app development because the whole structure stays safe with Golang, a protected static info language. It also saves development time with outsider gadgets since it already holds rich and broad libraries.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring Golang Developers for Your Development Teams?

Golang developers are high in demand, mainly because the language is fast and easy to use for coding. Currently, it's one of the most in-demand skills, and businesses worldwide are looking for experienced Golang developers to expedite their software development process.

Here's how your organization can benefit if you hire senior Golang developers for your dedicated team.

There Is a Large Pool of Skilled Developers Using Go

Approximately 1.1 million skilled developers are using Golang as a primary language. With this abundance of professionals ready for hire, it's much easier for businesses to search the talent pool and find the perfect one for their company. In the U.S., Golang is in the top five coding languages.

Developers can use Golang to develop web services, IT infrastructure, utilities, and frameworks, which is why the talent pool for Golang developers is ever-growing. Businesses in the fintech and cloud computing industries can easily benefit from the abundance of Golang developers looking for jobs.

Many Integrated Development Environments Support Go

Another reason your development team can benefit from Golang developers is that various integrated development environments support Golang. That includes Vim, JetBrains GoLand, Eclipse, LiteIDE, and Visual Studio Code.

Vim is a highly configurable text editor that features a vim-go plugin, providing a hassle-free environment for Go developers. On the other hand, JetBrains GoLand has tool integrations and coding assistance specific to the Go language.

Eclipse features a GoClipse extension to add IDE functionality to Golang. At the same time, Visual Studio Code's vscode-go plugin includes Golang-specific advanced features like IntelliSense, code navigation, symbol search, bracket matching, and snippets.

Finally, LiteIDE targets Golang, making it most comfortable for Golang developers. Since there are various IDEs for Golang developers to work with, this language is a sought-out option for most tech companies.

Speeds Up Product Development Because It's More Efficient

There's no doubt that Golang is an incredibly quick and efficient programming language. Furthermore, Golang's code is directly translated into a format the processor would understand, greatly expediting product development.

Since Golang is generally faster than languages like Java and Python, a business can benefit from Golang developers on its development teams by enhancing the availability and reliability of services.

What To Look For in Golang App Developers During the Hiring Process

One of the factors you need to consider when hiring a Go developer is the goals of your project. The candidate should be capable of maximizing the advantages of Golang when it comes to pace and functionality.

Since the power of Go is imparting a neat and attainable code base, your Go developer should be capable of complying with the principles and practices of writing clean codes. Unfortunately, expert Golang developers can be tough to find, and the high demand for them doesn't make it any easier.

Once you're in touch with some candidates, the following qualities should be your top concerns.

Practical Experience

Along with the technical competencies, understanding how to work for your business and as part of a remote team is vital to a Go developer's skill assessment. Companies that hire remote Golang developers with experience working with a tech group can bring out the best ideas for advancing their infrastructure and daily operations.

Beyond technical competencies and documentation, you also need to rely upon the communication skills of the developer. The developer should be able to communicate clearly and discuss their ideas with their team.

An experienced developer is also adept at organizing the work system, keeping track of task progress, and managing the backlog efficiently.

Firm Grip of Common Development Tools

The knowledge of a credible Go developer shouldn't be limited to Go — expertise in versioning and documentation tools is also a must.

Version control is a system that manages modifications to codebases over time in an order in which specified variations are allowed to be recalled. This lets each engineering crew member work on a codebase with minimal struggle and maximum transparency.

As such, the know-how of the version tool is vital for any engineer operating with advanced programming languages like Golang. Familiarity with in-demand version control tools like Git, SVN, and Mercurial can also prove essential for your tech team.

Golang's built-in documentation tool, Godoc, is also a big help in every type of project. It scans all the source code for any additional comments and compiles them together to form that package's documentation as HTML or simple text automatically.

All these useful tools and software make team project much simpler and more manageable, which is why it is best to hire a Go developer with the proper know-how of necessary technologies.

Knowledge of Common Development Principles

An experienced Go developer should be able to recognize the obligations assigned to them. Whether they're creating testable, scalable, efficient, robust codes or fixing the layout and architectural issues, they should be able to work smoothly and practically according to standard development principles.

Along with being organized and knowledgeable, there are a few important factors a good Go dev needs to have:

  • Solid know-how of goroutines and all channel patterns
  • GraphQL
  • Awareness of the constructs, paradigms, and idioms of Go
  • Experience with Sltr and Godep (organizing tools of Golang)
  • Knowledge of the templating language of Go
  • Know-how with Stringer (Golang coding tool)
  • Writing of smooth Godoc comments

Questions To Ask During Developer Interviews

Asking the right questions before hiring a Golang developer is essential to ensure that the candidate is the right fit for your business and expedite their onboarding process. Plus, their answers will help you understand how well the candidate can articulate their expertise and communicate complex problems with internal Golang development teams.

Here are a few questions you can ask your candidate during their interview for the Golang developer position at your company.

  • One of your non-techie colleagues asks you about your work. How do you explain it to them?
  • How does Golang achieve polymorphism?
  • What is a goroutine, and how can you stop it?
  • What are channels? How can you use them in Golang?
  • How can you convert a []T to an []interface{}?
  • Have you tried working with Go 2?
  • Explain the differences between unbuffered and buffered channels.
  • When exactly does the Go runtime allocate its memory from the heap, and when from the stack?
  • While testing the new version of your app, you note that the read-only request for "the faster motorbike" from the MongoDB collection is a lot slower than required from your SLO (SLO:10 ms, SLI:10 sec). Explain the possible ways you can resolve the problem.
  • The go-to app that you use as an API for third parties is running in your K8 cluster. Suddenly, it gives an API timeout error. Explain the possible ways to detect the error.

Widely Known Companies That Use Golang

Due to its simplicity and efficiency, Golang is widely used and adapted by many companies, even some of the international organizations we hear about daily. Here are some of the many companies that use Golang for their large-scale operations.


Golang was designed by Google engineers to simplify the handling of Google's large-scale operations and infrastructure that were growing rapidly. Now, Google uses Golang regularly for internal projects and software development. As a matter of fact, Google Chrome, Google Earth, Google App Engine, and YouTube were developed with Golang.


Uber uses Golang for its Geofence service, serving the user's location and product availability. With the help of Golang, Geofence precisely defines the area with special requirements, considering places like the airport, and implements dynamic prices.

Uber prefers Golang over other programming languages because its developers have had a very positive experience working with this language. Programmers who initially worked with C++, Java, or Node had no trouble switching over to Golang for Uber's infrastructure. Developers at Uber appreciate the high bandwidth and delayed performance of Golang.


Twitch uses Golang for its most-loaded systems, benefiting from the language's simplicity, security, efficiency, and readability. Golang is the ideal programming language to handle problems encountered while displaying live videos and simultaneous chats of a large user base.

It's worth noting that Golang enabled Twitch to improve its garbage collection factor 20 times and automatically manages dynamically allocated memory.


Dailymotion is another major corporation that benefits from and uses Golang in its daily operations. This video streaming website was able to improve the automation of its APIs with the help of this programming language.

With Golang, developers at Dailymotion were able to carry out a large number of automation tests, which would have caused heavy loads if they weren't utilizing Go. Golang's simplicity and performance enabled these developers to complete the process.

Does Your Development Project Need a Developer?

Since Golang is an incredibly popular language, all development teams are incomplete without the right Golang developer for your project requirements. Golang developers handle the role of creating microservices and expediting the software development process.

Companies that need an extremely strong back-end system to support their large-scale operations can benefit from the expertise of a Golang developer. The question is, where do you find a Golang developer that fits your business requirements?

Look no further than Revelo, an end-to-end remote talent solution to hire Golang developers. Revelo will connect you to a perfect talent pool of experienced Golang developers that will contribute the necessary efficiency to your development project.

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Our talent pool of senior software developers are pre-screened across 100+ skills, including React, Python, Node, Ruby on Rails, and more.

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Revelo offers full-time remote
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